Hi all,
Well we are now 14 Members strong!!! Lets get some discussions going on here. Hope to hear from all of you because we have the TOUGHEST jobs aside from firefighting and EMS and that is definately Parenting!

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I have to agree. I have 3 kids and have made it to adulthood with 2 so far but thats not to say it gets any easier. I have 2 daughters living at home one has my grand daughter. My son lives at the Firehouse, he is on his way to Iraq in about 5 days.He is a firefighter/EMT for a company that does government contracting. Being a parent makes me so happy and proud, and I am enjoying the friendship I have made with them we are very close and I dont know how I will survive this next year, my daughters are already stressing their brother being gone. But just one more chapter in my story...
God Bless you and your family I am sure your son will do fine over there..He will be being protected by our Armed forces who are the best in the world so how could he not be :) Welcome to Single Parent Firefighters as well
I don't know what you're talking about! Being a single parent is the easiest job in the world, almost as easy as rebuilding the twin towers out of legos! ;)

Seriously though, i think we should start our own commune and then we can support each other and take turns following our dreams! LOL or perhaps work on a timeshare program for our children.....

I love my child very much, and wouldn't exchange him for anything in the world! Even if he does teach me about all the things i don't like about myself.... It can be so exhausting trying to keep up, and there are times when I just want to toss in the rag, lay down and wait for life to get fair! LOL But, there is a strength in single parents, there is something in us that just refuses to quit. Perhaps it's insanity, maybe we don't know any better, but i think it is more of a survival instinct and the sheer impact of being needed every moment of your life evolves us into some of the most selfless people out there. (disclaimer: some exception apply) I know it's kinda twisted, but it is comforting and encouraging to know people in the same profession are going through the same stuff!
I would not trade the boys for anything in the world...but there are days I would rather battle a 12 alarmer then try to get the homework done!! LOL
LOL so far the homework is not an issue for me, as my son is only 7(in a few days)... But i hear you, there are plenty of days that i would rather be sucking on an SCBA in a 1000 degree room than pretending to be a ninja or playing connect the dot... but i would never trade my son for anything...and so...batman coloring and lessons in shoe tying here we come... ;)
Enjoy those times, they are fleeting mine are old enough now that they are too cool to hang out with the old man...I know its normal but takes some getting used to
Yea that "too cool to hang out" is rough but it does get better. My son got me to join the FD where he runs and we ran calls together until he left for Iraq last week. I think we are transitioning from parent/child to friends and since i cant ground them anymore i'll take it.
I'm working on getting joint custody of my son. I just found out a few months ago I had a son. I was dating this gal and she left me saying she was prego by her ex-boyfriend. Well as it turns out it was mine and now I'm fighting for joint custody. And there is plenty of drama involved....to say the least.
Best of Luck!!! Stepping up to the plate wins you a LOT of resoect in my book. Welcome aboard!
i am having a really hard time keeping up on the bills, working paid on call at the fire dept, raising a 2 1/2 year old, and trying to have some sort of peace and quiet. long story....... being a single parent is a tough job but you gota stick with it!
I DEFINATELY hear you about trying to keep life in balance as a single parent....and peace and quiet?? WHAT is that??? LOL


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