We just recieved two of our three (2 Engines 1Ladder) and most are disappointed with the quality. One had electrical problems and had to go back to the shop and the other had a various array of problems with workmenship along with a 44 inch light-bar on a custom cab that has 10 LEDS 4 facing the raised cab and the cheap flashers they have for lights on the side of the truck. The rear rollup door already has three big scratches in the lettering, it wasn't aligned right. The removable light stands on the rear of the truck lean to the right. Hope you have better luck

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Sorry to hear about your problems with the new trucks. Which plant were they made in, General Safety or Centeral States? Were your electrical problems related to multiplexing ? I have heard a lot of Departments having problems with multi plexing regardless of manufacture. My vollie department just took delivery of a SeaGrave and it has been back to the factory already for issues. Stupid things like drain plugs that were left loose, bolts not tightened, porta tank rack not adjusted right, anti lok brake light stays on and the paint is already coming off the fender. I think they are so busy they don't care anymore and the quality has really dropped off. As for the cheap flashers you get what you spec-ed so its kinda hard to blame that one on them. I would make them re-letter the door, prob not much you can do for the light stands. That really irks you when this stuff happens when you consider what we pay for these things now. Hope you get your trucks straightened out and stay safe.
sorry to hear that guy, we have had our rosenbauer for 3 years now and have not had any problems with ours. as a matter of fact it is the best truck i have had the pleasure in using. depending on which factory delivered i don't know what to tell you. Central States in Grand Forks is the best factory i love the rosenbauer we have
Any ideas on the electronic throttle jumping all over teh freaking place while pumping in pressure rather than rpm? The only fix myself and others have found is to just pump in RPM. Also had some isses recently with tail lights going out and front flashers staying on steady. Before you ask, Central.
What brand throttle are you running Class one or FRC ? If it works ok in the RPM mode and messes up in the pressure mode Im guessing the pressure transducer on the pump may be bad. If its giving the computer bad readings it could cause the throttle to run all over the place. Go online to the throttle manufacture, they should have a trouble shooting section or customer support. How old is the truck and is it still under warranty?

As for front flashers, the old mechanical flashers will stick when they get old. By default they stay on steady so you still have the lights.
Have you resolved these issues yet?

We are currently purchasing our first NEW pumper having recieved a FEMA grant. We have it narrowed down to two trucks.
A 1250gpm Rosenbauer, pump & roll, 1500 tank on INT chassis( from Lyons SD). This pump has a high (600psi) discharge for the hose reel along with the normal pressure for the rest of the discharges.

Or a 1250gpm Pierce Responder 1000 tank,pump & roll, on a INT 4x4 chassis.

We are a small rural vol FD and need this truck to last a very long time.

I would appreciate any comments as to workmanship and reliability of these units.
Thank you so much for the comments and information. I am sorry to hear you are having problems.
This will be our first Rosenbauer. We went with them due to price and because our local fire equipment dealer (Kaza Fire Equip. in Ebensburg, PA) is now a Rosenbauer dealer.
I will make sure we carefully evaluate our truck, thanks to your info. Thanks again.


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