hey all .
just wondering which anchor system you prefer , the all 8s or the double figure 8 to your anchor trying to prove a point to a collegue of mine 

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Personally I've never used a double figure eight at the anchor. Unless your building a multpoint anchor with the double bight of different lengths then I've done that in training. That just takes up a ton of rope though. Standard figure eight on a bight does it's job pretty good but I guess adding two bights might be some sort of safety factor if it made someone feel better. If I was actually worried about that I would try to change my anchor away from a bight and use a tensionless hitch though.
Hi from Chile, please put the picture
thanks that is all i needed to have said the all 8s is for suspect anchor points anyway
and the double figure8 chews up so much line that it is a waste of tine . I think that the point has been proved
sorryy cant find the pic i want at the moment will try later
Rod, Do you recall any measurements for a rope system used to search a large warehouse? I am trying to remember what they are and can't for the life of me remember.
I think that you mean a BA main guide line .it is 100 metres long and has nobbles on it at 3 metre intervals . it is designed so that you feel 3 nobbles then 1 on the way in and 1 then 3 on the way out , you can also have lines that branch off of the main line too .
Hope this is what you were after
agree but i like to use stainless steel rope thimbles with single 8. I only rig dual 8's when using more than 1 anchor point.. i like this subject since it plays into a belief of the politics of rope rescue
Never really considered using a thimble unless it was a pre-rigged bag. In what situation would you add a thimble in?
single 8s is by far the best knot as it doesnt weaken the line too much and also uses very little line .
we only use ss thimbles when we have to create our own anchor points using our duck bill anchors .
Im glad i found this group so then we can find what works best for the most people
I've monitored these forums for a while but never really got involved but just monitored to see the level of expertise people were presenting. So far I definately like it and the fresh ideas. My region there is a little bit of knowledge insest going on and people are getting cuaght up with that one class that one time thinking in building systems.

I'm guessing your refering to duck bill earth anchors? How many do you setup to create a strong enough anchor? Strong enough meaning safety margin. I know by themselves they are actually pretty strong if they can support trees in high winds. This is interesting to see how others are doing things. I have six inchs of dirt and then limestone. I wouldn't trust an artifical ground anchor here nor could I put one in the ground very deep. Luckily we have lots of trees.
we are lucky too we have plenty of natural anchors around at most of our call ,
we always say that we dont use duck bills by themselves as anchors but rather use them to reinforce an existing suspect anchor . but I have had too use them a couple of times and we i do i use a minimum of 3 per anchor . the only down side to that is the muscle work require to put them in , im stuffed before i get goin .........

we have just had 6 new members join our rope rescue team so we have lots of new ideas floating around from heaps of different backgrounds , caving, rock climbing , engineers , and people like me that worked in the alpine industry . so we are pretty well set for the next few years as a team
Interesting stuff. Of course one should never say never but.... I've never had to worry about a suspect anchor being used independently. Plus we typically have an oak tree somewhere you just have to fight through the scrub brush to get to it.

I would say currently a major influence on our region is a bunch of guys from cave rescue schools that are the more motivated members to organize training. Small compact knots and small light weight equipment are being pushed in the region. Of course it all works but this has some departments like mine with all NFPA rated gear setup different than some in the region. Our neighbors for example do not have NFPA rated gear and that causes issues since their gear for 11mm does not work with our 1/2" ropes. But both of us have enough gear that whoever starts the rescue really doesn't need to mix equipment. Just individual devices would have to be given to them to work off our rope. Our individual devices will work on their rope though just not as effecient.


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