Has anyone ever been told by an officer of there company or deptment that they have to many lights or that they should not order any more.

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I have seen guys with to many lights. But it is up to the chief to say something not me. I hate driving one of the rigs to a scene at night when two or three guys have went straight to the scene and have all those blue strobes going it makes it hard to see where to park or pull up or if someone is in the road. Lights are ok by me but have a time and place when to be used.

This is a two sided question if you look at the reasoning behind the lights and then the effects of the lights! there are both negative and positive results.

This is how i look at it, I have light on my POV for 2 reasons to let people know i have some where i need to be! And so when i get there in the event im first o/s or have NO OTHER OPTION but to remain located in or close to the road they will hopefully see, notice and slow 

To me the more visible you are the better but at the same time having a greater control over your lighting system is equally important. What i mean by this is generally once o/s having the front or rear lights lit is effective in most situations. So if you only have traffic approaching from the rear have your rear facing lights turned on while turning the front off, Saves battery and removes any interference from the scene your forward facing lights might cause, Or if its not necessary to have them on where your parked cut them off. The thing about having to many lights is completely in perspective to your department and situation. Most states that allow Lights have largely varying rules and regulations except one which is in most cases states allo POV lights provided they are visible from 360 Degrees which means at a minimum of 4 lights is a necessity and insures visibility from all directions (Edit : Providing you don't have a Bar light of course....)

Overall just use your head!  

this is how i feel if you want to spend the money yourself than that is your problem and how some of the law are set up i think that is dumb

I start this discussion when my Lt. Told me that my regular cab pickup had to many lights but now that i just got reed of it and got a chevy Tahoe he said the setup that was in the pickup is looks good inthe Tahoe


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