I see so many ppl that just blow off 9/11 or just say that was in the past....well that something that you just cant forget...and less it me but that something i see that you just cant forget...but i think we need to support are troops and get them the hell out of there i dont see no need for us to be there just becouse presdent bush like kill us citzens but that how i feel ple write back and let me no how you feel

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I would like to think that people can't or will not ever forget what happen in our home land on a day known now as 911. When our everyday life came to a stop. I remember what I was doing when the plane hit the tower and how it made me feel. with in a few hours pagers were going off and phones were ringing,We were all put on standby for NY city. The next morning I was in a Rig and headed to NY city.I remember the crew talking about what we may run into once we got there. But no matter what we talked about on the way, it would never get us ready for what we saw at ground zero.Once the crew was at ground zero we just stood there.all we could say was Oh my God !!! For me i saw what can happen first hand. I still to this day have mixed feeling about troops being in the middle east. But look what can happen when they come to our home.
I wasn't even a member back then but i remember what it was like. I was in 6th grade and it was lunch time. when the teachers picked us up the were acting funny and i found out why when i got back to the room. against the administration they put on cnn just as the second tower got hit. The girl next to me actually cried. I almost did too. then my mom picked me up and i went home and was glued to the tv. That was the first time i ever thought twice about what being a firefighter entales. My dad almost volunteered to go but luckily was talked out of it. I still don't think i could do that but all those ppl who did go are my heroes. I met a girl on the 4th of july with some amazing "talents" but she said something about those guys being crazy and i spit my dip on her car and never saw her again. I know I never forgot and i remind ppl every sept
One thing I do know though is I am enlisting. I'm already on delayed entry as an army firefighter. I lost ppl to this war and I'm gonna get as many of these terrorist peices of shit as i can.
It's a shame that it takes something like 9/11 for people to show their pride in this country, and respect for firefighters, police, and EMS personnel and what they do. Most of those people who blow it off, or say to forget it because it's in the past, probably fall into both of these two categories: First, they are not firefighters, police officers, or EMS. They don't understand that we, as rescue personnel, are one big family, and that when one dies, it affects us all in some way. Second, they probably didn't lose any family members in the attacks.If they had, I guarantee they would hold 9/11 near and dear to their hearts, just like those of us in the emergency services do. I support the troops 100%, even though I don't agree with the reason they are overseas. If it was up to me, they would be coming home. I don't think they should have gone to Iraq in the first place. I notice Bush didn't bother sending them till after 9/11, and the only reason, in my opinion, that he did was because his dad failed when he tried to get Saddam Hussein. I also feel that Bush is killing US soldiers, and that if it was one of his kids over there, he might have a change of heart. I think that he should have to go fight in this war just like all the other soldiers are doing and then he can see what it's all about. I bet that would also change his opinion on the troops being over there. He's the worst president I think we have ever had.
I'm in total agreement with all of you on this. To be quite honest and frank, I'm not in the fire department nor have I had any loved one in that really difficult position especially as difficult as 9/11. However, I have friends in the department now and one of the things they comment is how people are not as appreciative or considerate to you guys. Frankly it pisses me off and I'm not even in your shoes. I want to let you guys know that there are people that have never forgotten 9/11 and that there are people who appreciate your line of work everyday. That is why I'm starting a new group for friends or neighbors..or even the community itself to show their appreciation for you guys. Because thankfully not everyone forgets and do appreciates. You guys take care and be safe out there.
I know this isnt going to be very popular no matter how exactly I define my meanings... the events of 9/11 were a tragic event in this nations history... I am not a NYC firefighter But Know and love quite a few of them Both murdered that day and some who survived as well as a few who were hired after the fact. Evey day when i go to work I pass a memorial to the memory of folks who lived in my community who commutted into the city every day, IN My Firehouse, we have a photo taken By a rookie firefighter out the window of his temp assignment with an engine company while enroute to the 1st attack, the camera was found in his jump seat wreckage and like many personal effects were examined by the authorities... two years after when his family chose to memorialize him it was a 3 department service held in his home town in NJ, sponsored by his fathers and his vollie company and with members of FDNY and his previous job, mine wherehe worked with us for a few years waiting to be called for his life long dream..

The Copy of the photo he took is haunting unlike any image I've ever seen before.. or since... I think about it every day.. It kind of annoys me, when I see so many Remember 9/11 this or that, I cant even imagine how the families of any of the victims feel "having to put up with it on one hand, especially the commercialized aspects" but beyond that, the civilain people who lost civilian family, the Airline employees families who lost members as well as those who died in DC. We focus on FDNY, then add the police, ems, etc then OH yeah.. the others...
I am NOT taking away anything from the FDNY at all.. Make no mistake about that .. They lost as many in one day as My job has.. (roughly), Its Not that people have forgotten, they will never forget in they're lifetimes, But its a feeling of why is it all the folks from Bakersfield or here or there that seem to be so behind the call ? Again, Not trying to begin WW3 here, But, as far as foriegn policy is concerned, no ne has to be a brain surgion to realize going after Saddam Hussien had little to do with 9/11 and more to do with revenge, oil and private interest politics...
While the real issue was in another country.... I dont wish to see members of our Military loose they're lives overseas , But eachand every one of us , who Drive a car have as much blame as anyone... Leaving Iraq and other areas now and letting the "enemy" know we are spineless as in the Clinton years and even before, allowing total freedom of speech to 1) the Media 2) some individuals during a time of war, is argued as a "right" yet allows any and all enemies ofthis country to know exacatly how to defeat this country.... IF it was an issue during Vietnam, when there was not instant access to the internet much less LIVE media discussions, what do youthink its liek today with CNN and FOX news media as well as others, making sure that The enemy KNOWS what color Crap the Chairman of the joint chief's took... As much as you want to believe that "doublya" likes killing he is actually Just a puppet of a corporate function That didn't get things done a couple of administrations back and want to get buisness back were they can control it without Saddam, since he began getting out of control.. Rather then worrying about either of these issues, lets NOT FORGET, BIn laden and his tribes of scum are still out there, retraining and planning and while your busy remembering to remember They are planning the next 9/11 ... maybe not this year maybe not next maybe the next generation.. Think about that...
911 should never be foregottennot only by the people of the United States but also Canada and other nations around the world .911will never be in the past .We PREY TO GOD it will never happen again.GOD BLESS and keep safe your friend from Canada GORDY


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