Since the State of Iowa passed the "Move Over; Slow Down" law in 2002, (IOWA LAW - 321.323A) have your departments noticed a significant improvement in safety along the roadways? Have you seen Law Enforcement stepping up efforts to cite drivers or warn them of the laws?

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I'm not sure that the law has made a huge difference in our community. Most of the time, we have people get out of the way anyways. The real problem we have is with people pulling out to cross in front of us (Coming from the right and making a left turn). It's not a real fun experience to be strapping on your SCBA in the seat and lurch forward as the driver has to tap the brakes! Even belted in this can be really frustrating!
ive seen no difference. most of the time you can get right behind somebody and sound the siren and they still dont move
With the radio on and a cellphone in their ear, I think a lot of people aren't paying attention anyway. It's not a problem that often for us because our area is so rural, but it still can be a problem at certain times of the day.
I think that adds and songs with sirens is the next thing that needs to be stopped. If your radio has a add on it with a siren sound how are you to tell? The other thing to think about if you don't fly up on a car it will give a better chance to be seen also change your siren sound this will help to be noticed. There will always be those that just don't pay attention that when you need to take down the plate number and turn it over. If someone gets cited for not moving over they'll talk and it will get around. The state can also put up more signs like the one on the inter-state on all roads.


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