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With the recent re-election of Governor Mitch Daniels I was interested in everyone's commits to the possibility of Government Reform here in Indiana ,and how it will affect most fire departments.

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Well I for one, as well as many departments here in Northwest Indiana, are very opposed of getting rid of township trustees which goes right along with giving more authority at the county level. Here in Lake County, the southern communities always seem to get forgotten because of the larger cities to the North (Hammond, Gary, East Chicago). We were looking into forming a Fire Protection Territory until House Bill 1001 all but killed the tax levy benefits of going that way. I am all for more responsible government however I think if we just start holding those in power more accountable, we could accomplish the same goals Mitch has in mind. From my understanding, Daniels is well liked everywhere around the state except in our little corner here in the NW.
Why is there tons of depts. talking about layoff's oh yeah thats right Mitch Daniels! I don't think to many people really like Mitch from northern Indiana at all!
We just had a meeting were the mayor of the biggest town in our county wants to take our accumlative fire fund and stick his guys in the area depts and dispense our equipment out were needed. I think this has something to do with the bill you are talking about. Lets muscle out the volunteers so our paid guys can keep thier jobs. Dont call me when you cant find a hydrant and need to draft out of a creek or lake!!!!
I know this is a huge issue for everyone on a rural fire department. I am a member of a city dept. as well as a county dept. so I understand that if this reform happens the best case scenario would be a county fire dept. instead of individual township departments but that scenario is still no good because it would still drop our funding down enough to make it very difficult for us to function as a department. The worst case scenario would be us losing so much funding that we have to completely close our doors. Even though that is the most drastic scenario it could be in the near future. Please also share with people you know that drop in funding could lead to non-proper equipment that could hurt the ISO rating of your department which would raise the county taxes and insurance. I could be wrong but Indiana's rural departments should be concerned about this reform. I know Mitch as done some good things for Indiana but this reform is not one of them. Just take all of this into consideration when you vote in the upcoming elections.


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