Around the coffee table, our shift was discussing how nice it was to have I.A.F.F. stickers on our apparatus and helmets. How many have or know of other fire departments that allow I.A.F.F. stickers on their apparatus or helmets?

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Try the water bottle idea, it might fly.
Howard County, Maryland, Local 2000 is allowed to place IAFF stickers on County-owned apparatus. Logo is also allowed on various uniform items.
We have I.A.F.F. stickers on Everything...Also we have our local # on duty tshirts.
we have stickers on our helmets if opt to put them on... there is one on mine!! not on our rigs tho. our old chief wouldnt allow it, our new chief, well it hadnt been brought up yet but im makin a motion next meeting.
About 5 years ago we approached the Chief on allowing stickers on helmets and rigs. After discussing the importance of a good labor / management relationship and the positive message it would sent to the troops the chief agreed. Now an IAFF Sticker is one of the first things to go on a rig!
Excellent, that is they way it should be done. i will bet you solve other problems the same way.
We have them on all the trucks and the career staff has them ao there helmets.
I have an IAFF sticker on my helmet .... as for our Apparatus we dont have anything Union on them. Alot of our members have a Local Union Belt buckle ... but other then that we are not able to wear union wear while on shift.
We have them on ours and our chief supports us being a part of the IAFF! Loud and Proud!!!
We were told take them off of our truck by the town administration. As you can guess, it didn't sit very well with the Brothers. They took a small clipboard and put a union decal on the back of it. It now rides on the front dash for all to see. There's more than one way to skin a cat.
You won't see that on either of my departments. The city fathers made it abundantly clear that all apparatus is property of the city, not of the firefighters union. Some of the guys have the 2" IAFF decals on their helmet, though it is not officially approved.

We have one on every apparatus.  Helmet stickers are OK too.  Even our uniform job shirts have the IAFF logo and our local # on them.


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