Much as I would've liked to own a "hog", the sales person here in Ft. Worth pissed me off by not trying to find the bike I wanted, and started to push another one on the floor. Went so far as to take the bike to "prep" before I even stated anything about purchasing. Didn't listen to my concerns on price, interest rate, money down, anything. The price came up over budgeted, 13% interest rate, and not the bike I was looking for.

SOOOOOOOOOO, as I bought an '08 Honda Shadow Aero (that same afternoon), do I qualify to be a member?

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Hey a bike is to ride ,you ride what you can afford.
Wasn't the cost that got to me, it was the salesman's lack of customer service.
yea sometimes sales men can be pushie. well two things to look at .1 you got a bike to ride . 2 he did not make a sale which means he did not get his percentage of the sale.
Yeah, I'm happy w/ the bike I purchased. Think it looks better than the one I was gonna buy.
There is no excuse for bad salesmanship. If I were treated like that I would log on to the Harley Davidson site and express my displeasure to the company direct.
Bro, I rode a Honda VTX 1800 for several years and before that had a Honda Shadow 750. Had excellent luck with the Honda's. Loved them. I now own a Harley Ultra Classic and enjoy the ride. Thats the point! enjoy the ride what ever your on. I took lots of razzin from my Harley friends about being on a rice burner and yes I've heard them all but still comes down to the ride.
Always said it wasnt the destination it was the ride.
Have fun and be safe.
It's not about the brand or model, it's about the brotherhood and the riding. I'll ride with anyone regardless of their bike if they are good people. I own a Harley now, but went thru a Yamaha and Honda first.
Appreciate the replies and support on the matter. Like you say, it's not the bike, it's the rider and the joy of riding.
A bike is a bike as long there are bugs in your teeth lol good rideing bro
Yes just like the movie with jim carrey ,me myself,and Ireen. all those bugs in your teeth . very funny movie....
Yeah, you try not to, but you just can't help smilin' when you're ridin!!!
I'm pretty sure alot of people start out on "rice burners" then transform to Harleys. And vice-versa. I myself started on a 2003 Honda Shadow 750, later bought a Shadow 1100, and just bout a month ago bought my first Harley. A 2008 Heritage Classic. I still have the 11oo Shadow though and have no plans of getting rid of it. We've been through alot, hit a deer in Apr of '06 and had all the tins redone. I love that bike and will still get it out as a spare or to just blow the dust off every now and then. Probably let friends or family use it too so I never get stuck riding alone.


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