Cruising the Netflix watch instantly list, I found a movie called, "Mother, Jugs and Speed." It's from 1974 and stars Raquel Welch, Bill Cosby, Larry Hagman, Harvey Keitel and many, many others.

It's about two rival ambulance companies completing for territory in LA and is a comedy...I'm watching it now, chuckling ...oh wow.

I have never heard of this movie, like ever...but I thought some of you other old school enthusiasts might get a laugh out of it, and I wanted to share before it disapeared!!

If you catch it, enjoy it...I sure am:^)


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Mike - You're right, I'm sure it has made the rounds...the only thing I can think of is I passed it over because of the title and never saw a description. And although I watched Emergency! with my mom when I was a kid, remember I didn't start fire and EMS until I was 30:^)
In the ABC show of the 1980's, the show was called CODE RED focused around a family of firefighters and a adopted fire bug, I do beleive.
Code Red was an awesome show with Lorne Greene... Andrew Stevens... Sam J Jones and Adam Rich.... Used to watch it all the time with my Dad...
I absolutely love this movie! I saw it back when it first came out in the 70's... I haven't had a penis in the zipper call yet and hope I never OUCH!
Mother, Jugs & Speed is a classic.

If you remember Code Red, does anyone remember Code R? It took place on an island off the coast of CA. Featured a Fire department, Sherrif and Ambulance crew as well as I think an Explorer Post.

How about 240 Robert, kind of like the bastard child of Emergency & Chips. LACo Sherrif's rescue unit.
can you imagine running a rig like mother's today?!
i think they would have a problem with drinking on duty,or carrying a 357mag (even though you might need it) in the rig.


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