Just wondering how many of you take a can with your search team? Our crew, has the driver put it at the door if it's needed. We have knocked a few fires with it.
Tongue in cheek, the engine crew can wait at the door :)

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Can and irons on every alarm drop no questions asked.... and a hook if we have the manpower
We only carry the can for specific situations.
If we arrive at a SFD and the engine is with us we leave it in the rig. If we arrive to a SFD by ourselves we will bring the can and mabey the second one thats on the rig.

For commercial occupancies, and multi family dwellings we take the can. Reason being is there is a chance we could be operating without an engine company either on a floor above or a remote location in a commercial occupancy and we feel that we need some level of extinguishment protection.

We also dress out fully for alarms and active fire.
We take the can on every alarm and smoke investigation. It has proved to be useful many times. We have ours in a strap that can be carried easier by the hook man.
We take a can anytime there's nothing showing. Since I'm on an engine now, that works great and really has come in handy. It's not standard for our truck guys to carry one at a working fire, but most of work is in row dwellings and it's pretty easy to get a line into where it's needed. I think it depends on the type of occupancy you deal with. If we go to a garden apartment, you would see a can come in even on a job, to try and buy a little time before we get water.
It's always off the engine on "engine only" AFA's, and also assigned to an interior FF from the truck. 2.5 gallons of water and a little Class A foam can knock down a bunch of fire.
Our Truck Company has riding assignments...Operator, Officer, FE Man, Roof Man, Can Man etc...The crew does a great job of taking what is needed. In each seat we have the assignment posted. For the Can Man, Tools: PW Can, 6' Hook, and a box light, Job: Assist FE man with gaining entry, locating the fire and holding it off untill the engine company gets there.


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