As the first month of deer season has come was wondering if any of y'all have anything to show for all your hard scouting and perparing. This was in April of my camp buddies at a hog hunt. The bet was smallest or largest. (Note I'm not there mine got away after a great shot on him)

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Dave this isn't much to brag about. I have been bow hunting for three years and into my fourth season. Haven't had a bow kill. I had let small bucks and does walk. Had to get that monkey off my back. This was my first bow kill.

The buck is from some unting buddies of mine. Father and son.

If you wasn't so far. I try to get a hog hunt out of you. lol
For the first ones that'll do. It is like learning how to ride a bike, 1st with training wheels, 2nd with someone holding on while you tryto keep balance, ad 3rd THERE you go cross town to visit your friends. Congratz and keep looking the P&Y is just arond the corner.
No pictures here this time. Just a story of a hunt I had tonight.

It was getting close to quitting time tonight when I heard crunch Crunch in behind my stand. I turned and looked. I saw a little four point. The same four point that I seen first of the week. It was just 15 yards. I was letting him walk. He decides to bed down right there about 30 yards from my stand. Not wanting to spoke him. I thought man what I am I going to do. I thought Well I'll hit my grunt tube. Maybe he would get up and leave if he thought there was a mature buck in the same woods. Well that didn't didn't work . He never moved. Then I looked off to my right I see a doe that had come into feed. I thought great. Now I have got deer on both sides of me. That I don't want to spoke. By this time it was past shooting time. I glassed where the doe was. I could tell she was moving back into the woods. She soon disappeared. That was good. But I still had the four point bedded below. By this time it was dark. I thought well I got to get out of my tree stand. So quietly as I could come down out of my tree stand and slipped away all without spooking that Four point from his bed. Man I enjoyed that.
Sounds really exciting. Have had almost the same thing several years but it was my buddy that had it happen to him in fact I had to wait for him since he was driving. Keep plugging away that BIG BOY is there.

These were shot on Youth turkey weekend I didn't have my daughter with me as she couldn't make it. This is a third kid on this hunt but I didn't work with him on getting his hog. Go to Young Hunters Unlimited to see more and to sign up your kids for future hunts with us.
When I least expected it ole big boy came out about 15 yds. Needless to say he lost. 250lbs. Took three of us to get him in my Rhino. Fun hunt.


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