While I was strolling around my local mall, I noticed a rather enticing package displayed at the German pub (great place called Mr. Dunderbak's- if you visit Daytona Beach, you have to go to the Volusia Mall and eat there!!)

Anyway, the package was covered with Celtic artwork and proudly announced "Historic Ales from Scotland". Upon further inspection, I found the one visible lable in the four pack was called "Heather Ale"! How could I not try that? So, I shelled out about $15.00.

Aside from the Heather Ale, there is Grozet Gooseberry and Wheat Ale, Alba Scots Pine Ale, and Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale.

The website is www.heatherale.co.uk

I'll keep everyone posted when I actually get a chance to experiment.

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Just an update- I tried the Alba Scots Pine Ale and was very impressed with its flavor and presentation. Scots Pine Ale is made with spruce and pine sprigs and the flavor is very mellow. Initially, it reminded me of berries.

The brewer recommends serving this beer at room temperature, after a meal, and in a wine glass. If you enjoy Guiness and similar brews, you would most likely enjoy the Scots Pine Ale.
10-4 I've tried the Heather Ale also, I thought it was good, There also one called "Scottish Lion" ( I believe ) its pretty good to.
McKewans and Dirty Bastard are also good Scotch ales...they have the nice smoke flavor to them
For one that will kick your butt, there is Skullsplitter....lives up to the name
and the one where I fell in love with scotch ale...traquar house...yum
I am a fan of Innis & Gunn, it is very much an acquired taste, being aged in oak barrels. Most of it is aged in used bourbon barrels but I see they now have some aged in used rum barrels, which should have an interesting flavor.

It is pure liquid gold! I first tried it while vacationing in Scotland... finally found it here in Canada in a pub in Niagara-on-the-Lake (wine country of all places!).

A Canadian brewery makes a "scottish theme" beer called "Mclays"... it's cheaper than big brand beer but tastes good enough to actually drink!
My wife and I have vacationed in Daytona Beach 5 or so times... will likely be back, so now I have a new place for us to go try for eats... Thanks for the recomendation.


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