So what's everyone's favorite brew? You can list more than one of course, because it's just so damn hard to pick just one. I myself enjoy Yuengling Lager(America's oldest brewery), Ahrn City(That's Iron City for those of you that don't speak Pittsburghese), Straub(Brewed in St. Mary's, PA), Killian's Irish Red, Blue Moon(Made by Coors), Purple Haze(made by Abita Brewing Co), and I did like Rolling Rock before they went bankrupt and sold out to's no longer that good of a beer.

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Gotta love the Leinies. I love the Summer Shandy, and don't care if it's a "girl beer", followed closely by Leinies Red.
I agree about Rolling Rock. I was bummed when A-B took them over. Before then, I drank Bud Light because my favorite watering hole has it on tap for 90 cents a glass, and I was too cheap to pay an extra 35 cents for bottled beer. Now, I go for a plain old Miller High Life when I'm out, but as I type this, I'm drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Of late it has been Budweiser American Ale
Straub from St. Marys is a great beer. I only had it a few times and wow it was great. Guinness is my favorite beer and then Blue Moon. Also, a good beer is San Miguel Lite, pale pilson, red horse, and Cervesa Negra.
Depends on how I'm feelin that day lol... Bud american ale, Hop hound, Killians Irish Red, guiness if im feelin frisky lol. Landshark is always good. Just had a new one called fat tire. That was awesome!
News flash about Straub, John. I recently heard on the Pittsburgh news (I'm from the extreme northern tip of West Virginia, 40 miles west of the city) that Straub is going to start canning their beer in addition to bottling it. Also, Iron City recently shut down the old brewery in the city, and moved to the old Latrobe Brewing plant, where they used to make Rolling Rock.
I like Killian's Irish Red, Guiness ? was o.k. I usually drink Miller Lite, but right now I prefer Corona or Dos Equis.
Dosen't matter as long as it's COLD!!
Pilsner - it is manufactured in Saskatchewan. it is one of my favourites. There is also Sleemans, made on the East Coast (Nova Scotia). A local pub here makes one called Grasshopper.
YUENGLING LAGER! Straight from bowels of the oldest brewery in America and the mountains of Pennsylvania!
Really love the hoppy taste of India Pale Ales. Guiness is always a good choice too along with free beer!

 I'm very fortunate, I live 35mins from YUENGLING and 30 mins from Sam Adams in PA.


YUENGLING Black and Tan

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Blue Moon

even starting to like the cider beers


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