Hello yall, i took my written test and found out that i passed, according to the join lafd website, my next step is to pass the cpat before my interview can be scheduled. is anyone familiar with this who has done this process in southern california?

i have a practice test scheduled for june 6th, however i can sign up for test any saturday before that, should i just take my cpat without a practice run, or should i wait over 1 month to take the practice course, than go ahead and schedule my cpat? Also i have read that the CPAT is pass or fail, however I am reading that my scores can put me in a higher rank for the interview? is this true? for example, will passing the cpat with the maximum time put me in the same position as some one who finishes first?

thanks for the replies, cant wait to reach my dream!

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I will talk to my Capt about it....
She is an instructor for the CPAT and is a LAFD capt II
there are videos online of the CPAT so u can know what to expect.

The CPAT is broken into sections and if u fail one section you fail the test.
pass/fail i believe u have 2 trys in the SAME day to try and pass the CPAT.

I think that having the high test score and maximum time allowed on the CPAT
may put you in an awkward position. it may make them think, 'this person is really smart
but can just barely pass the CPAT, we want someone who is excelent at both.'

I would watch the video's and take the practice Cpat then take the real CPAT
that way you know what to Expect.

Explorer Capt. Marc Hurwitz
LAFD post 68
If you don't live in LA, there are departments that practice the CPAT on a regular basis. Get with one of them and practice so you are confident in your time before you have to go do it in front of 9723947 other people.

If you do a google search of CPAT you will find that in the City of Orange is a big CPAT test site that you can go practise at....hey Sarah!
Hey there! I tried to fish a XL out of the box of shirts, but I have to do a better job....
No prob...Patience is a virtue
In Texas, Civil Service Law requires that those using the CPAT offer practice runs. Marc is right, it is broken into sections and you should also have an individual walking with you and telling you what to do and what line to follow. If I were in the running for a job with LAFD, I would practice on that thing til I had it down pat. Good Luck!
thanks, i guess ill have to wait till june 6th to go through the run around. so my only question is this, if the cpat is pass or fail why must you score higher? of course i would try my best to get the best score, but i was trying to understand how they place candidates by score. thanks for the replies and ill be sure to check out the site in orange and wtach videos
We score it by the accumulated times. The faster the higher.

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