San Leandro has just closed the city hospital which is where the ambulance base was. I have noticed foreign ambulance vehicles in our turf, like those from San Lorenzo or Hayward. Because of this change, I am guessing that the EMS will now be run out of the Fire Department, but now the medics have to cover a larger radius due to the change, AND now the nearest hospital (I'm positive) is two cities away! This is going to be bad. I can feel it.

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Our turf ???

Ambulance turf war in CA I'm guessing? Are you part of an ambulance service or just waiting to be old enough to join / work for one? Only reason I am asking is that you don't seem to know where the next closest hospital is, and that is one of those little bits of info that an EMT or Medic on a bus needs to know.
what's more amazing about your post is the fact that AMR wasn't sticking there nose into your local politics and service providers... I can think nothing but positive thoughts should the FD be in a position to handle EMS transports... CB
Foreign ambulance vehicles inour turf. You act like they are from another country. Or maybe it's a Jets and Sharks thing, like in West Side Story. That didn't turn out so well for either side.
Sorry. I'm territorial. They have this temporary whatchicallit while they're fixing everything and now there are all these ambulances from different cities coming through ours and causing hell during traffic. Oy!
I'm wanting to become an exploerer, but technically I'm not even old enough for that. I will be fourteen in 34 days and I am positive that's where the nearest hospital is. Eden Medical Center. I do my homework. Plus, as I said to that guy, I'm only 14 and still learning as much as I can. :)
I have learned not to appreciate the little things when life calls for it and drop them if they will hurt me. It comes from a lifetime of being made fun of for stupid things.
I have been trying to keep updated on the situation, but it's always changing. They might just stick their noses in there, but from what I know, I think we're safe.
It was a JOKE! I'm fine with it, but seriously. They're sending in ambulances from all across the county now just to our city. It makes it very complicated during rush hour. lol

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