Hey everybody, just joined my local volunteer department and was issued my pager.  It's a Motorola Minitor V.  I have it on "B" where I can hear county wide calls.  When I clip it on my belt I start getting random bursts of fuzz.  The fuzz bursts go away when I switch back to "A", which is for our department only.  Any idea? 

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Same issue with mine..
I have a Minitor IV and get that aswell. Mine squawks when someone opens the mike and doesn't speak, that is how we make sure the radios are working.

As well as the annoying squawk, we get morse code coming through sometimes for no apparent reason. Anybody know what that is about?
Its not morse code it is an automatic time stamp that your county has set up. In that code it will be the time and the radio channel frequency numbers and letters. They have this set automatically so if there is no radio traffic for an hour it will automatically do this. Our county has this system set up.
It is either interference from other electronic devices around you, or someone has keyed a mic. At home, I notice it more, when on one of the monitoring channels while around either my computer or my fancy schmancy all electronic stove.
As Brandon stated, it's not morse code, though it does resemble it, it's your county dispatch sending out it's FCC code.
could it be cause you cliped it close to your cell phone our cells down here interfere whith out radios tvs and fm station
We use the minitor IV. I use it on B and D all the time, as I too like to know what the other departments are doing. The only time I get any kind of feed back is when I'm near an ATM machine, Gas Pump or the like. If there is a tremendous amount of humidity in the are with cool temps. I will sometimes get feedback when near a large amount of metal. I'd recommend a call to Motorola to verify exactly what is going on.

Set up for our pagers:
"A" is "Pager only" Vibrate mode.
"B" is "Monitor and alert" where you hear all the traffic on the frequency and if my tones drop, it vibrate alerts.
"C" is just like "A" but gives audible alert instead.
"D" is just like B, but gives a audible alert
it's funny how radios work. my we work off of a private frequency that only my department uses. you have to take into consideration, almost everything now a days has some sort of radio wave involved. i catch interference when i go in fast food resturaunts because of the cash registers. then you also have people who work on a frequency that is pretty close to yours but not quite and some of the signal may bleed over. it can be a variety of things. to keep this stuff from happening i keep my pager on our private channel and i never hear "key ups" or interference.
The new Motorola V pagers tend to react to other electronic devices when left open such as monitor "B" or not reset after activation. First question is when you have it on your belt is it next you your cell phone? If so the that is why it is making the "fuzz bursts" which is squelching. For some reason the Minitor V is very sensitive to electronic frequency emmisions. If you dont wear your cell on your belt then the next time it happens stop and look at what you are standing next to. I will bet that you are near an electronic device. Utility closets that may have servers or phone hubs in them will sometimes do it or even if you walk past a computer it may happen. It all really depends on what frequency range you use will depend on what kind of reaction it will have and what will set it off.
I do definitely notice it when I'm by electronics. Happens as soon as I walk in my room where my computer is. By the way, I got my first call last night. The call wasn't exciting (power line blew a fuse), but being dispatched for the first time, hurrying to the station, throwing on the gear, and jumping on the truck felt amazing.

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