Went to dawn my survive air and my mask would not let me exhale

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You aren't going to like my answer....But, you asked for my opinion......poor maintenance.....Modern equipment is designed so well that for the most part it fails because we do....can't exhale....exhaust valve is stuck....not familiar with Survive-air...but Scotts would be the valve.....Paul
Take apart your mask, there are two springs inside that control the valves, more than likely one of those failed, or it could just be dirty if it hasn't been taken apart and cleaned.
Simply put: they are not properly maintained.
Hey FETC.....I don't believe it but we finally agreed on something.....LOL...Take care Brother...Stay safe........Paul

Doesn't your FD have a maintenance/training program that includes SCBA? There are a lot of experts here on FFN, me not being one of them. but I would also call the manufacture for advice. It could save your life. I do agree that poor maintenance and inspections probably lead to your problem. Good luck. TCSS
I agree 110% on this.It's something you have to rely on or your in deep trouble.You need to know your SCBA like the back of your hand.
Out in my area, we call them Surprise-Air. I can't think of a single department who had them locally, that didn't have a whole host of issues with them. They are maintenance intensive.
Because someone else failed to do their job!
as in somone didnt check there equipment and or somone didnt know how to put it back together
IMO, SurvivAir is almost as bad and hard to maintain as Interspiro. Now those things are junk, and you practically need a degree in mechanical engineering to service those.
this is a spring and if it douse not seat rite than it gets stuck
thanks have given it a bath and only when i need it it fails

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