my fire gear was burned up in a fire who should replace ???


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He's likely still looking for the "DELETE POST" button.
LOL...Good one Derek....
Hey, you aren't on the Department any longer......Quit crying...Buy your own gear.....and besides what should we aren't a Firefighter anymore ... Getting sick of this thread....delete it already
Tell us why you retired after so few years. Since when does sprinkler installation require PPE. I like everyone else am wondering where this thread is supposed to lead. It sounds much like some of the jr F/F posts
No Kali...He paid for the right sleeve of his coat and the left pants leg.....I wonder if he "retired" or was thrown out.....wouldn't have much doubt it was the latter.....
I can't be sure but I think there might be link between the burned PPE and the killing of JFK and crop circles.
also knows where the Holy Grail is located and recently went on a cruise on the Ark....think he said was owned by a Dude named...what was it...? Oh yes, Noah......never did give his last name......Had lots of pets though.......
You know, "I pay for half of my gear" is to me about the only part of his story that sounds possible. After all, how many people talk about having to buy their own stuff because the FD can't afford to? Perhaps an FD might have some money but require new members to pay half of the cost?

His whole story sounds fishy to me, yet here am I helping him to build up points!
Tony, you are officially a better person than most here.. I mean, if you can actually understand his story, let alone determine it sounds fishy, you are better than most! I could not make heads or tails out of what the hell he was trying desperately (but failing) to convey to us. lol
Tony...your reward will be in heaven..........LOL

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