my fire gear was burned up in a fire who should replace ???


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And how may I ask did that happen....? I don't know what your Departments policies are and I certainly don't know what actually happened....if it was stupidity then I'd say you are better off without gear....if it were an accident or an unforseen situation developed then I would think your Department would....Can't comment beyond that.........I read your love Fire/EMS because it gets you out of the house....? Maybe you should keep putting sprinklers won't be ruining $2000 worth of gear
it was for my job as a fire sprikler insp
the plalce where i had it was a self stotage unit an two uint down had a fire the tops are open
Call me cynical.... but that is kind of a vague question, isn't it?
You did not give enough background to properly answer the question.

How did it get "burnt"?
At a structure fire?
At a training burn?
Was it "toasted" to give it a "seasoned look" and the "toaster" was on the wrong setting?
Were you wearing it at the time?
Does the City/Town/FD provide the gear?
Do you have to pay for your own?
Check with insurance....then talk to your Chief and find out what can be done.....Why was it in storage....? Don't you need it for calls...? Something here doesn't smell right.......
yeah but i go in to place where the other guy's cant really go danger's placies
structure fire
i pay for half of my gear
i have to get all of my paper work from the gear i paid for the inurance people
Sean, your profile states that for both your Primary and Aditional departments you are "retired". Why do you need gear? For your day job as a sprinlker installer? Why would that position require PPE?

"basic firefighter I and all the other training" - and "all the other training" means what exactly?

Then we come to this thread "yeah but i go in to place where the other guy's cant really go danger's placies". Again, what is that supposed to mean? That as a retired Ff you go in where others can't? Or is it as a fire sprinkler installer?

To me the whole things seems like you may have some personally owned gear that you had in storage, there was a fire in that building and your gear was damaged. So it probably comes down to either the storage company and their insurance, or your own private insurance. Am I right with any of this?
i got in to place that have to do hazards gas,fule and deal with all kinds of dangers
Good Sean. But why? As a retired firefighter? As a sprinkler installer? As a sprinkler system inspector?

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