So we had a very in depth discussion about this at a drill last night.

When is the best time to charge the line?
Some people say charge it at the front door, some say outside the door to the fire room, still others say once the pump operator can't see the hose team, they should charge the line.

What's everyone else's take on this?

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Alright.....just a thought. So you are one that goes in to a structure with an uncharged line, because fire is on the next floor or attic. What now if the cieling falls and brings the fire with it? Who's to say that the fire didn't go up to the second floor or attic through the walls and also spread into the cieling above you. Seen this happen first hand. I say, and this is just my belief, charged line at the structure before entry. In fire school they make you hump charged lines up multiple stairways. Am I wrong?
We charge the line on the exterior before entering the structure. We also open the line to get the air out and check the nozzle pattern before entering.
First floor is of charge it and go in If its the second floor take in a dry line and mask up on the stairs
Were I am at you half to move fast companys are right ontop of eatch other
We charge the line in the yard, make sure we have a tight power-cone and then make entry. We never enter a structure with a dry-line no matter where the fire is/

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