Just curious. We had one a couple of yrs. ago where one was stopped and the crew of the second one fell asleep and rear ended the first one at about 25-30 mph. Didn't do much damage. Derailed 6 cars and 2 locomotives. Had a very small diesel fuel leak out of one of the locos. But we were only there for about 45 mins. to an hour before the railroad cleared us from the scene. We ended up rolling our rescue and an engine. The city to the north of us will usually dispatch one engine and if they need more they will call for what they need.

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We very rarely have accidents involving trains. Maybe once a year we have a car vs. train but in 11 yrs. of firefighting that was my first train vs. train. It is a very busy Norfolk Southern line.
The first major derailment that we had involved 35 cars that derailed. 11 of those cars were tankers, 9 of those were propane, and 5 of those had been breached and leaking. It happened on the northern edge of our city. We ended up evacuating the entire city ( approx 2500 people). For the next 100 hours we were on scene as every state and federal agency was there wanting their share of the pie. We deffinetly were not prepared for a call of this size or hazard. At first response was our entire department, four neighboring departments, the county haz-mat team, and the county emergency operations. ICS was implemented and that's when the state and feds rolled in. Out of all of that, I am proud to report that only one minor injury was reported throughout the entire call. The second derailment we had 4 years later in almost the same spot, was much easier. There was only one tank car involved in that one and it stayed upright. As far as planning goes...... Like someone else mentioned, it all depends on what the derailment involves. Our response to both of those incidents are a lot different to a response involving the Amtrak.
use the rule of thumb if you can cover it with your thumb youre far enough away, then call your local esda director. not really roll engine one and tender and dont forget mutual aid they want to see it also forgot to mention we have two rail lines in our district plus 18 crossings. as far as i can remember we have only had one since ive been around no fires no engeries just cars jumped the tracks. a couple of car vs. trains
Honestly, my "response" is probably going to be "OH SH?T, DISPATCH are you joking?".
That was my thought when I heard the dispatch.
In Los Angeles we have both light rain commuter tains that run from the valley to downtown, we also have Commuter trains that run From downtown LA to San Diego and other places
and then we have large freight trains.

ok, i dont know our Actual reponse to a Train Wreck, but what i do know is that it isnt a small response. If i had to guess i would say 4 Task Forces, 2 Single Engine Co.'s, 4ASL rescues 4BLS rescues, 1 Battalion Commander, 2 EMS captians, 1 division command team, 1 Heavy Rescue (aka bis a** tow truck), and 1 USAR.
(and this would be to a commuter train.)

that =
4 trucks
7 Engines
4 pumps
8 rescues/ambulances
2 Battalion Commanders
2 EMS Captians
1 Division chief
1 Heavy Rescue

Late last year we had a horrible train wreck in which 2 Metrolink Commuter trains rammed head on into one another. LAFD was first on scene with LAco.FD, LAPD, LAco.SD, Culver City FD, Beverly Hills FD, and Santa Monica FD all providing mutual aid. This was the biggest Multual aid rescource incedent since the 1994 northridge earthquake. This was also the biggest call that LAFD recived since then.

LAFD had a huge # of resources respond to do the serverity of the accident. we had apporx. 10 TaskForces, 8 Single Engine Co.'s, 35 Rescues, 1 Heavy Rescue, 2 Hazmats 3 USAR's, 4 Battalion Commanders, 4 Ems Captians, 2 Division Cheifs, 1 Command Team, 4 Helicopters, 2 Dozer Tenders

that =
10 Trucks
10 Pumps
18 Engines
35 Ambulances
1 Heavy rescue
2 Hazmat teams
3 USAR's
4 Battalion Commanders
4 Ems Captians
2 Division Cheifs
1 Command Truck
1 Communication Truck
4 Helicopters
2 Dozer Teams
1 LAFD Fire Cheif

and thats just LAFD.

The first two pictures are of the Chatworth Train Wreck that happened late last year

USAR88 E87 Truck88 and another truck assisting FF's and Paramedics with rescue and salvage operations

Triage #1 for Chatsworth train Wreck

<Train vs Car in Downtown LA
2 dead

Explorer Capt. Marc Hurwitz
LAFD post 68
If you have rail lines, maybe you could just respond another train.
WELLL since our nearest train tracks are about 30 miles outside our area. I would have to say OH SHIT cause that baby was moving to come this far. LOL
Nice pics! Man I'm glad we don't see passenger trains!!! That looks like a big cluster f---! But still we see some nasty stuff go through on these freight trains that come through every 20 mins. or so.
The city of Reading a.k.a. the Reading Railroad has numerous freight trains rolling through the middle of town at all hours of the day. We have 4 at grade crossings, everything else is elevated or below grade. We get everything from lumber and coal to nasty placarded and funny painted rail cars. I believe our standard response would be an engine, rescue, chief, and a MICU. After that it would be special calls to include our Hazmat truck, and brush trucks.
Although it may look like a " cluster f---" it wasn't, the command/communication teams as well as Fire Cheif Barry and the two division cheifs kept everything under control and moving easily. I believe there were over 300+ firefighters and over 100 cops.
i want to say that LAFD and the mutual aid companies that showed up did a great job in this situation.
If you look in the second picture you see a basketball hoop. That is because the train tracks were right next to a school which was used as Triage.
I hope that no one ever has to go threw this.
It was organized chaos!

(the station that i rideout at the most got dispatched to this and we are 20+ miles away. My station was there for 19 hours.)
Explorer Capt Marc Hurwitz
LAFD post 68
That is awsome!!! It's good to have someone in command who knows how to keep their cool under pressure.

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