Whats the best trunouts and why do yo like them. Whats the good points and whats the bad points

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globe is to be the best . lightweight and durable. thin padding in the knee area
Hey guys, the best for me is Lion Apparel. They make V-force turnout, are extrordinary, very confortable, the pants are great.... I got the turnout from germany lion apparel. Are like the G-xtreeme turnout but much more better.
Globe Extreme they are the best an heres why they are very comfortable an you can move around in them un like some gear thats stiff
dont have any personally, but from everyone i know that has 'em, Globe g-extreme is the way to go. I personally have chieftans, which are very comfortable, they are a little heavy and warm, but keep the heat and water out well. they are very durable. I had some janesvilles, as does several members on my department. the general feel is that they are lighter, but not as comfortable and allow ALOT of heat in. As far as boots go, Globe or Pro-Warrington leathers are the way to go. Globes fit like a tennis shoe. P-W's are slightly more affordable, though.
Globe G-Xtreme.
NFPA governs ensemble requirements and material performance so its up to the manufacturer to create an ensemble that is anatomically correct. Essentially, if the manufacturer follows NFPA all they should need to do is create PPE that fits us correctly in all conditions. Of course its not that simple but you get the idea.
To date, we have field tested, MP, Janesville, Globe, and Innotex. Globe more than met our needs. What makes them stand out is they way they are cut. They're designed to be comfortable while moving and working hard. Janesville was similar but the cut was a bit more snug. Globe made little improvements like moving the seams a little to the rear of the pant to increase durability and reduce the likelihood of blowing a Major A seam from the pant legs rubbing together. Simply put, they are the most refined and well thought out ensemble on the market today. Globe has spent years developing them and the finished product is superb.
We were fortunate enough to have the Globe VP, Doug Toule, spend some time with us and talk about the design and manufacturing process regarding this ensemble. Not once did he tell us why is was better than Brand X. He didn't need to, they sell themselves.
All brand bias aside, selection of PPE is more involved than simply picking a name that everyone likes. However, in this case, there's a reason Globe is popular. I suggest you take a look at NFPA 1851 and see how truly in depth PPE selection really is. Fabric performance is as much a part of selection as the cut, the brand, or the features. If you have questions send me a PM and I can point you in the right direction..

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