whats the best prank you have ever pulled at the station on sum1

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I have to admit that this was a great prank. It took 7 guys about 10mins to get me like this though. I'm impressed I held out so long lol. Got me when I fell asleep on 3min getaway but we knew nothing was going to go on that day. Mind you, those are usually the days when all hell breaks loose.
Wow, I was going to say buying a new guy a dictionary was a pretty good prank.
I got another one. I made firehouse 5 alarm chili one night for supper and saran wrapped every single toilet in the firehouse except the women's bathroom. It was sooo worth it in the end!!
John dont get to mad at this baby face (look at his profile, His grammar class isn't till next year in the 10th grade)
This one went on for well over a year, until I just recently broke down and told the victim. I have a strong affection for cheese, all kinds. One of my favorite is imported, extra, extra sharp, aged provolone. Obviosly, it...stinks. One particular Captain pranked me good some years ago. As I was busy doing paperwork, he very quietly sneaked into my office with a box of about 16 older PASS alarms that were surplus. He armed every one of them, and slithered away. I had to go through the box and disarm each one, and it was brutal!

So, some years later, I got an idea. He's always bitching about the lack of hygeine habits by some of the members. And he has been begging for new mattresses for a couple years as well. So I decided I would make him as miserable as possible.

I began by taking a few very thin slices of cheese, wrapping it in a 4 x 4 Guaze so it could breathe. And I placed two of them under the sewn bottom cover underneath his mattress box. One on each side, so as he turned over, he got a whiff either way. When I releived him the first nightwork, I noticed he had stripped his linnens to take home and wash. Of course the entire platton had to be told, and they we're happy to be in on it. I kept this up and he got progressively more upset. He had all the mattresses pulled out one day, sprayed with disinfectant, aired out, and the crew scrubbed the bunkroom, all the while taking cell phone pictures of the entire process.

One poor guy was blamed for along time, as he had once had a legendary pair of socks that were...baaaad. So he took the brunt, until he was off. Then the previous shift was blamed. Everybody, from the Chief on down was aware of the prank. The good Captain would even relieve me and I would be sitting at the kitchen table eating cheese and crackers.

I drove this guy nuts for well over a year. Sometimes it was there, and sometimes it wasn't. The shift said sometimes it WAS hard to stand the smell at times, but it was worth it just to see him go freakin' nuts over this unfounded smell.
I like the PASS alarm prank. That's a good harmless one!
ok rainbows i can deal with but no puppies someone find me an axe lol
One night at combination dive / fire practice one of the new firefighters was on cook detail so he decided to pull a prank on one of the divers. We were having brats that night and the diver that we were gonna pull this prank on was scared of fish (don't know why he was a diver in the first place if he hated fish!) When the guy sat down at the supper table with 2 brats he decided to get up and get a coke. That's when the new guy decided to do the old switcharoo with the brat buns and instead of two brats he put 2 dead fish (yes they were whole) on his plate. I just so happened to be sitting in front of this guy when he came back to the table and without looking he grabbed up a "brat" and just had it to his lips when he realized there was people staring at him while I was keeping a straight face the entire time. Then he looked at what he about to eat and screamed the highest pitched scream I have ever heard!!! I almost peed myself!

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