whats the best prank you have ever pulled at the station on sum1

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You mean like 0+1=1 ?
or 1+0=1?

This isn't texting here, how about at least trying to use proper grammar. Also, why worry about pranks when there is other stuff to learn. There really are many threads here about pranks, try using a search feature.
looked i didn't ask for anybody to be an ass hole i was just starting a conversation and if this post bothered you then try being an adult an just dont say anything
ok im in agreement on one thing

practicing propper english does good for you online and in real life.

how many times have you been talking to someone and almost say b r b?
looked i didn't ask for anybody to be an ass hole i was just starting a conversation

It's called the fire service, it isn't about puppies and rainbows, try some thicker skin. As for the conversation, why the need for another pranks thread? Are the ones currently going on not good enough for you? How about doing a search and chiming in on one of those topics so that those who did post, don't have to come around and repeat themselves.

and if this post bothered you then try being an adult an just dont say anything

If I just stayed silent, you probably wouldn't learn about the nonsense of multiple threads on the same topic. There is no reason for basically the same threads running concurrent to each other. Some topics go and die, only to get resurrected again, but there isn't a need for multiple threads.

As for being an "ass hole" if you want to be in the fire service, it isn't about texting and the instant gratifications. Try some professionalism using proper grammar and spelling. Save the text messaging lingo for cellphones between your personal friends, if you wish to be taken seriously, then act serious....how do you think an official report would look with text lingo on it?
WHAT ? No puppies or rainbows !!! Then I am out of this conversation !!!
Involved a preceptor of a former EMT Student (which was a good looking girl)

About a month after the Student was finished with her practicum, the guys at the Hall decided to screw with the Preceptor by sending him a box of chocolates with a store bought pair of skimpy underwear inside and a note saying "Thank you so much for all you help and patience with me, I will never forget you" signed "OXO (Students Name)"

So for a couple days he was worried that his wife was going to find out, his wife then called the Hall letting him know that there was a young woman calling him at the house, by now he is freaking out and not sure what to do. We allow this to go on for about another couple hours and finally tell him that it was a prank and that his wife was involved.

It was a good fun tour at work .... haha
With you kiddo! Looks like some guys forgot to take their PMS meds!!
The night before I went on shift at my station we had explorer practice and I told them I wanted to pull a prank on my partner. We took rescue randy out and dressed him up in a station uniform and then we put him down in the bathroom on the apparatus bay and tucked him in the shower so no could see him. When I woke up the next morning I went down to the station and hoisted rescue randy onto the toilet and jacked his pants down then laid a "help dial 911" sign across his lap. The bathroom that I had put him in was configured so that when you walked in you could see the toilet to your right on the big mirror on the wall. I went back home, got ready for work and then went down to the station when I met my dad (who was chief at the time) came up the stairs white as a ghost. He asked me if there was explorer practice the night before because he just went into the bathroom and saw rescue randy on the toilet. It was also ironic that my partner had been late and my dad thought it was him in the bathroom. My partner and I laughed for the entire afternoon, then I called my dad up and I told him it was from me. I thought he was gonna yell but he just busted out laughing.
People take things way too personally on here. I've never seen people get so upset for such stupid things here. I honestly feel like I have to baby everyone to make them happy. Maybe it's because most are on smaller departments where everyone is friends with everyone else. They definitely wouldn't last out here in DC though being so sensitive.

I remember my first day of rookie school. 50 of us were all lined up outside in dress pants, a button up and tie looking terrified. We were called every name in the book. Random instructors would walk up to us and just start screaming in our faces. Yet on here, someone says that he needs to use the search feature and everyone starts crying.

I went through a suburban FF I and II before getting hired by a big city. It was like that there as well. I couldn't believe how often everyone was babied. Just a different environment I guess.
Grape Kool-Aid powder in the showerhead. Makes for a purple face in the morning!
well I didn't have a hand in this one but I have to put it at the top of the list of all time greats......two guys dressed up a full grown billy goat in a work uniform about midnight and turned him loose in the living quarters....we awoke to the sound of baaaahhhhhhh......baaaaahhhhh and couldn't seem a dang think,well to our suprise when we turned on the light we had a co-worker with horns bedded down in the sleeping quarters.The goat was very luck because the 80 y/o lady who dispatched at night sleep with a 38.and for sure would have popped a cap in him if he would have tried to eat her wig.
I cleaned crew quarters and washed the Engine without being told too. Doesn't matter how many times I do this, it gets funnier each time.

Jokes, pranks are parts of the Brotherhood. The key is not to let them get out of control. Don't spend your day thinking, planning and implementing a prank instead of training, inspecting, cleaning and preparing for the next call.

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