I had a decision to make the other night. We were first due in to a vehicle fire threatening a structure. LEA informed us that the structure's siding was beginning to melt. It was me and my Capt. in the truck. The truck sinks in the mudd 400yds from the vehicle and residence. We don't have enough hose to reach it. Additional units were three to four minutes out. What do YOU do?

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Well if your unit sinks in mud and your 400 yrds away thats bad.You alert the inbound units grad fire exstingishers an try to use house water hose until help gets there. Guessing thats a tough 1 without being there to see.
I am wondering was you in the pumper, grass unit or what.. How much hose do you carry on your trucks? I'm with charlie on this one.
Had this happen in the winter time once due to the homeowners lack of maintenance to their extremely long and set back driveway.... came up significantly short.

That is why they offer homeowners insurance.
Alert in coming units of your situation, walk to the house and determine exactly what is going on. Is everyone out? Keep in coming units advised of the on scene situation. Assist in coming units to extinguish the fire. You didnt cause the fire. You are there to safely and effectively deal with the circumstances. No access, no truck on scene, no water. Extremely limited outcome on your own.
I guess your question leads to two more, What did you have for apparatus? What is the total hose length on that apparatus (LDH, 2 1/2" and 1 3/4"?)

Of course their is always the option of using the Capt. for traction to get you unstuck also.
I was wondering the same thing. If it's a pumper I hope you have more than 400' of hose on board.

It would take a little more time, but we would either pull two handlines to make one long handline, or better yet due to the chances of structural involvement pull two handlines AND a 3" line with a gated wye. I wouldn't wait on the next due because if the conditions are bad enough that one apparatus gets stuck chances are the next in is going to get stuck as well.
"I was wondering the same thing. If it's a pumper I hope you have more than 400' of hose on board."

Well, yes you should have more than 400 feet of hose on a pumper, but the original post indicated 400 yards which is 1200 feet.

We carry about 1200 feet total hose, so we may be able to stretch it all out and with some adapters make it work, but it's going to take a while, especially with only two guys on the pumper.

Nobody asked if there were hydrants nearby...

Run a hose straight off of the hydrant with a nozzle on it. Yes, I know you aren't going to get much for pressure, but it's better than nothing. It might work to keep the side of the structure cooled down.

Between the nozzle on the hydrant and fire extinguishers, hopefully you can keep it from spreading too far until the next arriving pumper shows up.

First thing would be to stay out of the mud.
Second is take a dry chem or other extinguisher to make an initial knockdown....officer can do this while sizing up.
Third, pull 2 1/2" and connect a 1 3/4", like a high rise pack etc.

(we use a lead line which is 400 ft of 2 1/2" static line hooked to a wye and connected with 100' of 1 3/4" folded as our high rise packs. Works great for long stretches.)
Call for rehab to pick up marshmallows and hot dogs, cause that's going to be one big bonfire.

Green line (garden hose) to help cool exposure, and dry chem to slow fire advance. If there are flames visible on a vehicle upon your arrival, the vehicle is toast. Do what you can to protect the structure.

Trying to deploy 1200' of hose is a waste of time. Even with 1000 gal of water, you will have nothing out of the nozzle by the time the hose charges. In addition, laying that much hose may hinder access by the next due apparatus that can stay on the driveway and not get stuck.
Trying to deploy 1200' of hose is a waste of time

I thought it was 400' of hose to deploy, which is manageable.
"sinks in the mudd 400yds from the vehicle"

I'm not sure, but that equates to a little more than 400'. But then again, I've been out of school for a couple of years.;0

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