Just thought we might like to hear some war stories from everyone else. Ours was Saturday. We had a residential fire alarm and after a complete investigation we found nothing. Then as soon as I walked in the door to my house we were toned out on a 2 vehicle mva with minor injuries due to airbag deployments. Responding with our rescue and engine was an engine from nearby Center Twp. station 13. 2 People were transported to the hospital for evaluations and one was treated at the scene.

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If people are honest, we should get some funny tales here!

My last job? Called out to a car leaking gas (LPG). Officer off my truck (I was driving this time) got underneath and turned off the gas at the tank fitting. Job done, go home.
Last call was 12-12-08 around 1030 hours for a possible structure at the sewage treatment plant. As we roll out of the station we can see smoke in the vicinity of where the call is at so of course we all get pumped thinking that we are gonna get a working structure. ( its been a while since a "good" structure call) When we get there we find a steel box next to the homemade wood stove with all of the lumber in it burning. Apparently they got a fire goin in the stove and left it unnattended. We still dont know where they were when it caught on fire, you can't ever get a strait answer from the shit chasers. Anyways the box of wood that was to be burned was too close and got hot enough to ignite. Its always fun when you get to go and see some of the city's finest employees hard at work! A trash line off of the engine took care of all the hot spots. Thats what we call easy money!

wow, usually I'd have a story about an AFA or something as uneventful. however it's different today.

Toned out this morning for a structure fire at a car dealership. They were tarring the roof and some hot tar got underneath and caught fire. no major damage, but a bit of excitement for a few minutes.

Then on our way back to quarters, got called for a (what turned out to be fatal) MVA. A woman was getting driven around in a towncar and wasn't wearing her seatbelt. This proved to be a fatal mistake when they hit a pathfinder. Since so many of us see things like this first hand, makes me wonder why more of us don't wear seat belts on the apparatus.
i think wearing a seatbelt is a great idea....but in turn it can get caught on gear while trying to get out of the apparatus
i think on structure fires no but on EMS and Mva's. y not wera you seatbelt
As lame as it sounds, practice practice practice. If you get used to wearing a seatbelt with your gear and SCBA, it makes it easier when you have structure fires. Besides, structure fires and other "Important" calls are when you need a seatbelt most.
You should wear your seat belts on EVERY call, just like you do in your PV. Why do they get caught on gear? The answer is either they they aren't being used properly or they need some kind of adjustment. Don't release the belt clip & let it fly back to the post. Guide it with your hand until it is free of your body. It takes less than a second to do. If you release the belt with your left hand, just grab the harness with your right and hold it out away from your body and let it go just about the spot where you are reaching for the door handle. When the seat belt is clear & the door is open you can step out of the apparatus. You didn't waste anytime fighting with the seatbelt. We have to stop using excuses. There really aren't any good excuses. If the belts are too short, they can be fitted with extenders.
Structure Fire last Saturday afternoon.
Yesterday at 1800(ish). Report of a 6 month old not breathing. We worked him for quite some time to no avail. Bummer!
awww that must have been hard! ill pray for the family
Man! Sorry to hear that. Kids are the hardest. And this close to Christmas too. I'm very sorry to hear that. We got called out on a fall with injury this morning around 8:30 but disregarded by EMS shortly after.
Hey Jim nice pics!! Hopefully no one was injured.
Marc? Have a look at Lutan1's thread on a very recent MVA involving a fire truck. It was only on a training drive and ended up rolling down an embankment. Have a look at the link he gives. Good photos of the truck and also a good training video. Seatbelts save lives.

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