Okay so we are approaching the end of our level 2 class, and my classmates and myself have decided to get something for our two teachers. There are 16 of us, and 11 of us had the same teachers for level 1 too. We want to get something nice. But we aren't quite sure what to get! So that is where all of you come in! Any ideas? We want something that we can personalize to say something like, "Sinclair CC, Winter Class '09" Along those lines. Let me know. I have looked at ourdesigns.com and thingsremembered.com but that is all. Thanks guys and gals!

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A small plaque is always a nice touch. You can even get the ones with a picture holder at the bottom for a class picture.
The best gift to them is a high score on your tests. TCSS
I would go for the plaque because I was told by an instructor that the are not allowed to except gifts from the students.
A plaque and high passing scores on finals.
Get an Axe, and have the hadle engraved!
We did that at my station when one of our capt got trasfered.
There are also places that will welled our Departments Badge ito the head of the Axe
Great gift Idea

A class photo. Cheap and means a lot.
Class photo is cheap and easy or I have recieved an Embroidered Shirt with a class logo. Seen many have all the students sign them with permanent marker saying thanks for this or that.... usually really personal that way.

To be honest though, they expect nothing... just good scores on the final
The Our Designs catalog has some great plaques. Your class could chip in and get one for each instructor. Seriously, the best gift for your instructors is to kick ass on the State test!
everyone get 100% on the test, thats one of the best gifts to the instructor to know that if you all scored that he's giving you knowledge to do your best.
Thanks everyone for the tips! I hope they can take gifts. I'll check with the Fire Science Director at school. I really like the axe idea. That sounds really cool!

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