Our Firefighters Association is currently teaching the 16 hour First Responder Safety Training from the DOE/National Alternative Fuels Consortium. All the new alternative fuel vehicles and associated hazards is stirring debate on full turnouts or the current wildland jacket & helmet for responses to traffic collisions (no fire involvement).

I am interested in what other departments are doing for PPE and why?

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Our county requires everyone to have their PPE on or with them. This includes the ambulance and medic crews along with DOT break away vest.

We tried to have coveralls for the ambulance crew in our station but unless the members had their own coveralls, the coveralls were not where they needed to be because they were used by a member to do vehicle repairs and thrown into washer or taken home by another member.

The county tried to purchase and try out different types of PPE just for EMS calls but everyone still uses the same PPE.

One thing is that all our ambulances also carry two SCBA in one of the compartments.

This came about due to a call for sick people at a food plant which was a chemical leak and the ambulance crew tried to rescue people before other units arrived and then had to be rescued too.

we all get issued with a full set of level ones overalls leather gloves and safety glasses

and also our bunker gear including helmet so its not a issue for us i personally keep my overalls with me at all times l leave the bunker gear at the station if i cannot make the engine i ring ahead and they put it into one of the lockers for me  and i generally beat it to the scene and am ready to change as soon as it arrives

Full PPE when responding and then dress down after arrival if the officer okays it

It appears, the majority of opinions state full PPE (including the reflective vest)until the accident is proven to be less than serious. Dressing down at scene, especially during hot weather, when the incident is stabilized, appears to be the general consensus too.

Thanks for the input.

we wear full turnout helmet, coat, pants, safety glasses extrication gloves,and safety vest our ems wear safety glasses and vest also wear a blue metro helmet  

What are VX gloves?  I've never heard of them but even if they are an NFPA requirement that doesn't mean that it must be followed.  Some people forget that the NFPA recommends guidelines.  These are in no way laws that must be followed.

The birthday suit? Isn't there laws against that? :-)

DC has become a very liberal city.  I fit right in with the hippies.  : )

Going to a bad place. Don't need these visions before breakfast!

My ppe usually depends on the location of the accident and my position on the rig.  If I am driving, I do not put my gear on, when I get on scene I put on that damn traffic vest. If we are short on manpower and it involves extrication, I will put my running gear on.  Otherwise, we usually wear full ppe.  The only time I gear up before driving is if I am driving the Squad to a fire, where upon our arrival I will get to pack up and go to work.

"...I put on that damn traffic vest."

Yeah, who the hell wants to be visible, and safe, and alive, am I right?

Backstep, I think there's a typo in your response- I think it meant to say, "that life saving traffic vest".

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