What piece of equipment do you need, but can't afford due to your annual budget?

I come from a department with a very small ($16,000) annual budget. I know their are other departments out there who have the same or similar circumstances. What piece of equipment would your department like (new or used) but can't afford. My hope is that another department on FFN will see your post and maybe able to help you. Please also post your department name, state, annual budget, and how many calls you run. Good Luck and Thank You.

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You all may also want to research goverment grants. There are a lot of grants designed for public safety. The paperwork can be tiring, but the outcome could be worth it. Good Luck!
We apply for every grant we can, sometimes we get them. The last one we got we got new gear and scba's.
MANPOWER! I would trade a piece of apparatus or a tool for more manpower in a heartbeat.
Our annual budget is about 20,000.00 a year. I guess I would like new turn out gear for my fire fighters instead of trying to out fit them with hand me downs from people that have quit or went to other departments.
Pretty easy the village in which you live in gives your fire dept. money protect a certain area.. In this case the Town of Antwerp give Oxbow fire 16,000 to cover a certain area. Every year they discuss if the money goes up or stays the same..... Most depts are going to districts..Antwerp poooor they cry but give tot he village dept 20,000
I dont understand why Fire Departments get cheated. We provide a service of fire suppression and ems. We already do it total volunteer. There is absolutely no reason at all we should have to do fundraisers for equipment. The Community should get what they pay for. I dont like real estate taxes going up anymore than anyone else, but i sure would want a top notch fire/ems service with ALL the necesary reliable equipment needed to get the job done. Departments shouldnt have BBQ chicken or flip pancakes for a set of turnout gear.
16,000?? for the whole year??

my department has a budget of about $1,000,000 (about 600-700 calls/ year)... and there are a few departments near me that have budgets of $4-$6 million... all volunteer (the 4-6 million depts have about 1,000-2,000 calls annually, or more.)
I agree, you don't see townships having their workers go out and have Chicken BBQ's or Bullhead Feeds to purchase a plow or loader... but fire protection.. well "it will never happen to me" attitude is the problem..
The Greenport Fire Department in Hudson, NY has a tentative 2009 budget of around $650,000, we have three stations, 9 vehicles and almost 75+ active individuals, and run around 300+ calls a year. This is broken down into new equipment purchases( gear-tools), building maintenance, vehicle maintenance, LOSAP program, building utilities, insurance. You would think with a budget of this size it would be easy to just buy what you want but it does'nt work that way. I personally would like to see all of our first due engines have a TIC on them, we have one on our Rescue.
I think it sucks fire departments are shafted when it comes to money. Without grants, 90% of the trucks and equipment that these departments receive would never be seen. What is somewhat disturbing to me is TxDot get's brand new equipment quite often. While fire departments have to use trucks from the 70's and 80's. No one likes taxes going up but if it's for fire and ems service i would hope few would complain. Instead of expensive HOA dues why not send that money to local fire departments or a large portion.

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