I think fighting fires is cool, just wondering what everyone else thinks.  U get to carry radios & pagers and put lots of awesome lights on your POV and turn them on and drive like a bat out of hell through town to get to the station cause everyone no u is a fireman.  Then U get to drive in the firetrucks and spped threw stop signs and all that while blaring the siren really loud and listening to your favorite song on the radio then if U are lucky there will be a big ass fire that U get to fight and then tell all your friends about the dragon that U slayed.


Firefighting is cool and while U aren't slaying the dragon there are all kinds of cool shirts U get to wear to tell everyone about how awesome U are and that U fight what they fear and party with girls 'cause girls like firemen.


did I mention that firefighting is cool?

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Fightin fire is awesome. I went to a rocking fire the other night! There was like flames shootin 60ft in the air and I was like, whatever, no big deal, I got it. I just grabbed the 2 1/2 by myself and was like all over that sob.
Oh yeah, and now my tog smells like fire and smoke and stuff and I've got melted stickers on my helmet and black stains all over everything cause man, I was right there in it, and now everyone who didn't go to the fire knows that I was there.
awesome bro! make sure you don't clean your gear, that way you have the battle scars to prove to everyone what a badazz fire dude you are.
Once they seen me coming in wearin my firey tee shirt they was all like are you a fireman and im all like dude cant you read my fire tee shirt?
now thats what I'm talkin' about. Besides, the two radios, 3 pagers, mini-mag light, and glove pouch on my belt just screams out what an impotent guy I am.
And don't forget the time I almost caused a traffic accident cause that guy would not pull over for me!! I mean Like DUDE CAN"T YOU SEE ALL MY FLASHING BLUE LIGHTS!?!?!?!? I mean really DUDE it may be your house next time, DUH!

Be Trainable and Stay Safe Out There,
yea, and this one time at fire camp . . .
Can you say WACKER!!!!
what do you mean I'm not being serious? Any true blooded firefighter who fights what others fear while carrying around a big hose to put the wet stuff on the red stuff must be an awe-inspiring no holds barred american hero . . . .

yes this is a sarcastic post, hope you enjoy it!
Boy if the NFPA saw this post!!!! HAHAHA
LMAO---Not fooled for a minute! Happy Father's Day to you, too.
It's like I always tell everyone I came here to kick ash and take names and I'm all out of paper O yeah
Good stuff, Cap! Thanks for the laughs! Now back to "dancin' in the flames..."

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