Do you consider it tacky or unprofessional to wear another department's t-shirts, etc. during leisure time? (ie., FDNY, Boston)

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Sure if you wear the shirt for that purpose. To demonstrate your appreciation for were you maybe today. In fact you may just wear another agencies shirt because you want to honor thier traditions. But remember many of these organization have traditions built on the blood of their fallen brothers. They know what it takes to wear one of their t-shirt for real on the job. Because they earned it. Even though it just a t-shirt it is sacred to them.
At least you don't have the local homeless guys running around the city in them.
Wow... you sound pretty badass. : /

I'm honored to get to wear the "DCFD" shirt. I'm even more honored to wear my company shirt which had to be earned. Unfortunately, even though as a DC fireman I had to earn mine, there are thousands that don't even work here that just bought the company shirt for $15.
Nope I usally have a Kentland station 33 t shirt
Is that supposed to be a slam against Kentland?
Why would I slam Kentland I buy their shirt cause 1 I like them #2 money helps support them so It's safe to say Im a BIG Kentland 33 supporter
I got a shirt from many military posts in iraq, and i wear them with pride and support for them. theres nothing wrong with showing off other fire dept. name
The only other T-Shirts I wear on duty is the shirts form the MDA.
Sorry. Thought it was sarcasm at first. My fault. A LOT of people just don't like Kentland. They are cocky and kind of crazy, but they do know their stuff. I have a quite a few friends on over there. We have probably over 500 of us that work for DCFD and also volunteer in PG County since PG sees more fire than most paid departments. Kentland especially, which is actually made up mostly of DCFD guys, gets a lot of bad press.
yeah I've seen the bad press but who care's sounds like some is just jealous think my my favorite t shirt is the "those bastards t shirt " wish they would make some more video's
I think it shows that we support all departments. Wearing t-shirts,posters,bages,ect helped the FDNY family with healing process so I see no problem wearing or collecting t-shirts or other department gear respectfuly!
Say Safe,
GodBless Everybody!
I will not purchase another department's shirt.
If one is given to me as a gift, I will wear it to honor the person and his/her department.
I sometimes purchase a shirt (example: FDIC) as a memento and may wear it from time to time.
I don't know that it's tacky, but you have to wonder anymore when you see someone wearing a fire shirt if they are, in fact, a firefighter/former firefighter.
Lots of imposters out there.
What's funny is that you won't see others wearing a policeman's shirt. That would be impersonating a police officer.
But a firefighter?

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