More for the rural folks out there. We recently acquired some new territory that currently does not have a fire protection class. There's no water system out there but there are several residents with ponds, lakes, etc on their property. I'm looking for what I would call a "letter of consent" for in the event of an emergency, these property owners sign this form that says we have permission to use their pond or such for a water supply. Any of you guys/girls out there maybe have one on MS Word that I can use as a sample?


Thanks a bunch! 

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In Texas, all surface water technically belongs to the state. We are granted the authority by statute to utilize any surface water including private ponds when and if needed to save lives or property.
Well Mississippi must be behind the technology. We have to treat ALL property as private property unless otherwise notified. Now I'm sure these people wouldn't mind at all about using their property for an emergency, however with all these legalities and technical mumbo jumbo these days, who knows? I was just seeing if there's something out there I could compare with as I hear it helps us get lower points with the MS Rating Bureau. (Yes, believe it or not we are not on the ISO System)

Thanks for the replies guys, keep em comin if you hear or know of anything else.
Same here. Never had to do it though.
The further west you go in Texas the more likely you are to find yourself held at gunpoint while trying to draft without permission. We even found ourselves in the same predicament once for preparing to backburn. Landowner said, "You fellas ain't burnin' no more o' my land!" LOL ...It all burned after we backed out...
Some States allow for a tax break or the Insurance carrier gives them a break if they allow us to establish a dry hydrant on their property.......
Her we can go on any property and use any water source if need be we've never had to we've always had a big ditch or hydrants near by but in emergencies we can suck a swimming pool but if correct the municipality will fill it back up for them for the use of it.

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