A CFA crew has come under fire for reckless driving through heavily flooded roads.

THE CFA has launched an investigation after footage emerged showing a tanker nearly submerged as it ploughed through Christmas Day floods.

The CFA has not ruled out a punishment for the three-man crew after the footage raised questions about the fire authority's safety procedures.

The video footage, shot by a bystander, shows a Research CFA crew ignoring the State Emergency Service's advice not to drive through floodwaters.

Read the full article at:http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/cfa-truck-filmed-defying...

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO AT: http://www.flickr.com/photos/catalan2009/6571618471/

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Wow, What a truck!

And now the local Mayor (the guru of all things to do with emergency services-NOT!!!) has weighed in and defended the crew....


their jobs is the least of their concerns... they need to be doing a dozen Hail Mary's to thank God that they are all alive... that could have easily killed them all... and dragged more FFs (people) into the water ways to try to rescue them...


The Mayor can support "efforts to protect lives in danger" but these firefighters were ADDING to the number of lives in danger NOT launching a rescue mission


and clearly these firefighters were NOT sufficiently educated about flood waters... and the driving of emergency apparatus...


and for 4 firefighters to THINK this was a good idea is the most scary part - group think - NO ONE is willing to stand up and scream "NO DON'T DO IT" 

Wow, if the Mayor (who probably does not understand the danger to personnel) will support this unsafe act then more then likley he will support other unsafe acts. Which to me implies it's an everything goes culture. Undisciplined, lack of professionalisim and not trained.. I may be assuming some of these but maybe somebody will grow some cajones and educate the mayor and the firefighters on how lucky these men or women are to be alive.

oops... my grammar/spelling error..

I meant....    WHY... not while...

it was extremly dangerous and would have tied up huge resources that could have been used elsewhere if something had gone south,definatly a bad decision on the part of the firefighters

If anyone remembers the video of the National Guard trying the same trick with two military trucks just a while back. The trucks gave out and the crew ended up crawling on top of them soaking wet.


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