Hey, I have used the LEGO Communication game for some time with great effect and with the weather during the day here in Texas being over 100 Deg. F. each day, I am looking for some other training games that I can use to stimulate the minds of the firefighters that we can do inside during the hottest part of the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jason

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We use the LEGO game, but we do it in Level A hazmat suits.

There are all kinds of inside training things to do - rope/knots, fire protection systems review, map training, hose mazes, or do computer-based or video-based training.sa

You can do PPE and SCBA dress-out speed drills, equipment nomenclature Jeopardy...the list is limited only by imagination, safety, and good sense.

Thanks for the quick response!
What is the LEGO game?
Tried the Firefighter game on the Wii. I play it and then when I don't for a while I have to retrain myself. LOL ! Blonde moments!
The LEGO game tests communication skills, spatial orientation, and fine dexterity.

The usual way to set it up involves two identical sets of LEGOs in two different rooms, on tables. The instructor is in the first room with a radio. One student (can be an officer) is in the room with the instructor. The students are in the other room with a second radio. (Use a talk-around/non-repeated channel or FRS=type radios for this.)

The instructor makes a 3-D shape from LEGOs of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The student with the instructor describes the LEGO shape's construction, one block at a time, to the other students. Once the student group believes that they have their shape constructed to look identical to the instructor's LEGO shape, they get together and compare and see if the shapes match.

The students can be dressed in turnout gear or hazmat suits - we use it for a Level A suit drill. TEEX's hazmat instructors use a variation of this game for both Level A and Level B training and evaluation.

We also use a box of mixed nuts, bolts, and washers. These are all different sizes, shapes, and thread counts. We time this one and see which student can assemble all of the nuts/bolts/washers properly in the shortest time.

It's amazing how much these drills can improve your communication and fine motor skills.
Real heroes: firefighter ? If so, I got thAt game and it is pretty bad. I play it just about every day!

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