On a volunteer company, who's job is it to get the new guys training and schooling. Who pays for the training, the new guys or the district ?

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ZAKMAN, Just a few questions to allow us to help you.
**** Have you asked the Chief?
**** How big is your FD?
**** Where is your FD? {You have very little info on your profile information section, be proud of who you are & what you do.....advertise}.
**** What do you have for training? Basic, FF1, FF2?
**** Do you have a training officer or committee?
**** Who have you asked internally?
**** What do you do for in house training? {Someone must organize this}.

Each department should have a training officer or training committee to insure training is conducted. This can be from in house training, mutual aid inter-department training, community business tours, county/state fire schools, required state and federal training.

Our FD pays for our members to attend regional county fire schools and any federal schools should they want to attend. I strongly encourage our members to take a regional school class. {See my events on my profile page}.

If you have no training officer ask the Chief if you can start a training committee or be the training officer.

Training is important and your wanting to reach out for it is very very important with your future success. You can never stop learning or ever learn enough. This job changes everyday and more things are being made that are not FF friendly.

I have some table top exercises that you maybe interested in. E-mail me at nrs5f@comcast.net under subject put training table tops.

Best of luck in your efforts. Stay safe, train often and share knowledge.
Your departments Chief Officers or department training officer should make sure all new and existing firefighters are properly trained. Our department is Village owned, they pick-up the tab for all rookie firefighters and pay for additional training if we bring in an outside resource. In Ohio, we have Direct Delivery or what some used to call Out Reach programs, where you get someone from the Fire Academy to come to your department and teach classes. Check into some of your local Colleges or Universities. These institutions apply for grants and will send instructors to your department for training as well. We use Cleveland State University for our Hazardous Material and Confined Space Classes and have never paid a dime. When we took Trench Rescue, I contacted our local LEPC and asked if they would pay for this class and they did. Our Village paid the trackhoe opperator for digging the trench. When approaching your LEPC, make sure that you have opened the training up to the whole County, or the departments surrounding you department. The more people involved from different intities will increase your opportunity in getting the LEPC to assist, or pay for your training. Discuss some of your training issues with your Emergency Management Directors, sometimes they can apply for grants for training as well. PUCO also has grants available for hazardous materials training, your local EMA Director can apply for that grant as well. There are more opportunities out there, someone needs to just look around!
Hey Norman
thanks for the response. We are a voll dept. about 70 guys in the district,We are in NYS, I got on about a yr. and a half ago. I did in house training: scba,ladder raising, hydrant hook up, live burns. I have been in real life: chimney fires, first guy on the stick , roof ventalation,car accidents, brush fires, house fires etc. Classes that I have taken were: rope rescue, hybrid car info, driver evoc class. Now my problem is that i don't even have basic,ff1 or ff2. My fire commisioners and chief dropped the ball 3 times on getting me to a training class, they never did the paper work. So I'm at the point of just quiting because the the foolishness that's going on here.We have training maybe once a month if the Captain feels up to it, the chief doesn't do any training or even says let's train.I just feel someone will get hurt before something is done about this.There answer is the officers have training that's enough. The fire commisioners don't care.

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