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This photo was taken from an overpass. The bus swerved to miss an accident in front of them and ended up with the nose 4ft from the overpass guard rail. It is also leaning to its side as you can see in the photo. It had 47 on board and 1 ejected on arrival. How would you stabilize the bus?
BUMP. I do not care about what color lights you have or how many or what kind of trucks you have.
Struts on the down hill side, anchor the front side with winch or rope to keep it in position. crib both sides as well if you have enough cribbing. Are the other wheels off the ground or still touching? Hard to tell, but keep the stabilization simple.
They are still touching, but not by much.
Oh I, blue, amber, and white lights... Q siren, Dual airhorns and sirens... just sayin...
BUMP. Had to get past the what color lights and what type of truck Juniors again.
Winch from tow truck or rescue truck on the front, wheel chock the tires and crib the best we can . And if i base this scenario on my department response i would call mutual aid and have a ems sector for ambulances, due to the fact i have a small MCI .
Here is a new photo.
Intially a winch from our rescue truck to stabilze from sliding, then a heavy duty wrecker.

Rescue Struts and cribbing on the side leaning.

Likely most of the injuries on the bus will allow for rapid removal, which will negaiate the need for heavy duty long-term stabilzation.

Fairly simple stabilzation.

One issue I see in the picture is the lack of PPE being worn by the folks operating around the bus. Are they responders? Bus company folks? Wrecker folks?
Off duty State patrol and some fire personell without ppe.
Winch truck off the overpass
struts on the down hill side
Winch truck from the roadway over the bus to the down hill side if you could find an anchoe point and put wood planks over the roof corner to prevent roof collapse
try to get the frame resting on ground by blowing the tires or cribbing then tires
blocking on the rear could be an issue struts maybe with good wide footingsand purchase points
Use highlift jacks, Rescue42's, airbags, cribbing, call for Heavy Duty wrecker for possible additional stabalization. Will need additional resources for LZ and MCI, with 48 pt.'s this is a LARGE incident.

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