to enter or not to enter when a any high rising building is under attack ( like the twin towers)

what are your guys comments. do you think those late BRAVE  firefighers  thought that the towers could collapse or not. I think they were just the bravest of the bravest

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Changed my mind...


What are you talking about Don?

I just found the question, especially today, to be in incredibly poor taste.  I had a long answer detailing why and just decided to delte it.


The answer is simply this, they were firefighters and they had a job to do, save lives and protect property, and they weren't going to do that standing blocks away outside the collapse zone.

Agree 100% My initial reaction was poor taste and poor timing. If this HAS to be discussed, PICK ANOTHER TIME TO DO IT!

Exactly.  The answer is simple.  They knew something bad could happen.  They chose to go in anyway because it's their job.  Stupid question.

As someone who was there that day and lost quite a few friends (and 343 Brothers), I think you guys are overreacting to Johannes question. What better day to discuss what firefighters were thinking as they walked towards those towers? Having worked in lower Manhattan for 8 years, I was in and out of the towers on an almost daily basis. I can tell you that, having studied building construction, I knew those towers COULD collapse. I can also say that when you stood at the base of those towers looking up, there was no way your minds eye could picture a complete collapse. They appeared monolithic. So I think that some of those men were thinking about collapse, while others were thinking this was going to one tough job.

So John are you an FDNY firefighter?  Or a firefighter elsewhere that just worked in lower Manhattan?


Was with FDNY for 34 years. Now retired.

Respectfully disagree. I think the timing was bad to speculate about what the brothers were thinking as they entered those buildings.

There are plenty of other days in the year to discuss building collapse if that's what OP wants to do. I'll gladly join in.


PS Active duty FDNY

I dunno if anytime is the "right time" to ask a question such as this. What about those who answered the call at the West, Tx fertilizer plant? IF I knew how much ammonium nitrate had been in a building that was showing fire at our arrival (you should know approx how much is there or be able to find out at any time) I would say it depends on how far along the fire has gotten and how close other buildings, such as apartments, offices, etc are. If the building looks too far gone, I'd evacuate the area out to 2 - 3 miles at least.

I believe there is always a right time for legitimate firefighting discussion. Some questions need to be asked. Some discussions need to be had.


But I also I think tere can be a wrong time too, such as in this case.

As you said captnjak, respectfully disagree. I believe the question was more about the mind set of the people entering the bldgs. then about collapse. I would love nothing better then to be able to know what those people were thinking. I can not think of any better day to reflect on that question than Sept 11 of any year.   

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