Hello y'all I'm a FF/PARAMEDIC in fl on an all volunteer dept we have been performing gut checks for our new and lazy members one of my fellow members is recently discharged from the corps and myself former army we have had some trouble with our cheif not forming a structured command and training my fellow member and I are tired of it we have recently performing gut check training to the new members that don't do their share of the work and the lazy members that are only there to be pardon my French but glory hounds but I'm sure y'all know what I mean we are trying to improve our community involvement and contact so we have devised a gut check training program that involves all stages of jobs in the dept. from tagging hydrants to running hose lays overhaul force entry ladder setup ropes and tool runs bunking out and packing out as former military members we do the training with them and not be harsh to them any critical or ideas will be great thanks

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As we've seen before here on FFN it's difficult to air our interdepartmental "dirty laundry" in public. Ideas: Motivate the guys somehow with recognition, gift certificates donated by local businesses, etc. Anything you can think of. Second, have the Chief help you or authorize you to establish a structured training program based on the state requirements or the NFPA (Ours is both). Third, remember they are volunteers, but if they don't pull their weight place them on the inactive roster (not allowed to respond to calls) until they get with the program.

Search the training ideas here on FFN for ways to keep interest up. Also, join the FFN training groups and meet other training officers. Maybe start a local training officers group and meet monthly to discuss ideas and plan joint exercises.

Good luck! Stay safe.

Yeah, I agree with Norm, but I'm also having a tough time following this post.....what is the gist here?


If looking to motivate others remember you are no longer in the military, the aspects are different than yelling oo-rah and trying to shame others to participate more. If you want to incorporate change, start at the top, bring ideas to the chief and work to incorporate ideas with the membership over a time period. Listen to other ideas and suggestions, even from those you perceive as lazy or glory hounds. From the way I see this post, I would think you were the glory hound.

Dually noted we serve less than 5,000 people if not less in our AOR I totally understand its a volley only but when they do show up they don't know what to do we have tried the inactive roster but due to our cheif not talking bad about him great guy but his interest is else where and doesn't show for meeting training or calls I have tried to push for awards and other things you have mentioned and asked for training idea input from everyone but its a hard thing to put together with the other members we are doing the gut check training to see if they really want to be there and contribute to the dept or just do it for the glory training is key as we know its a life or death situations we are put in a times we are trying to become a paid dept and trying to clean up the dept of the bad image and name it had before I have joined
Well with all respect John you don't really know me to make that from just reading the post some are just more dedicated to the profession than others I only posted it for suggestions not labeling of others I'm just tired of people thinking they don't have to pull their weight because more than three people are on scene and say they know why they are doing then when they actually do it they don't know how to then through further showings of how to from multiple people still don't get it but talk like they do

Another thing --- patience. It has taken ten years for the department where I serve to transform itself from a so-so semi-safe department that just got by to a top-notch department led and motivated by a true leader. As I like to say, "I would go anywhere/do anything any time for our chief." Like John says it all comes from the top.

Very true at one time the dept was top notch don't know what happened lol but that's the past I have started at the top but it seems to go unheard which is demoralizing to the rest

I worked silently for several years making small improvements here and there and suddenly one day the past chief decided to retire. All else is ancient history.

Hang in there.

Thanks for the support we have started to have our own meetings and training a without the cheif and we go around the table and ask what everyone's area of weakness or improve and we train til they start to become efficient and we try to all support and help each other as we know I am my brothers keeper

Awesome! You're on the right track.

Keep up the good work and things will improve.

You're right Cory, I don't know you. Your post is very difficult to read to understand the gist you are trying to get across. I get the motivation issue and so forth, but having trouble grasping what you are trying to accomplish.


I am saying that just because you and another member are former military, you can't use the same type of mentality and expect to accomplish the changes you may envisioning. That is why I said that to accomplish change you need to go to the top and work things in over a time period to accomplish buy in and to have other members accept the change. However, nothing is going to change if it doesn't start at the top, hence the reason I mentioned it.

Your right I won't disagree with you the other member and myself are aggressive to get the stuff done and get stuff rolling and we just have a tell it how it is we are just trying to weed out the non doers and people in it for the wrong reason know what I mean we have our cheif that is a good guy but he is not very involved in the dept we have actually had a prob with the old sogs they were to vague in dos and donts and can lead to misinterpretation and different interpretation we needed something in black and white plain English lol but didn't really care what we desperately needed after that one member from a different department got injured with the same sogs in place so it was a dramatic adoption of sog I'm trying to be proactive instead of reactive in plain English is I'm trying to say is we are trying to prevent a similar if not a worse incident from happening we want to ensure we have proper training and we are always looking for more people but in an area of 500+- people it's kinda hard to get people wanting to do it I hae tried recruitment community events etc any ideas will help
I have started to adopt if you build it they will come mentality lol so we are just trying to build it so people will come lol

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