INDIANAPOLIS — Firefighters were dodging bullets at a suspicious house fire late Saturday on the city’s Eastside.

A person was shot at the home in the 3500 block of N. Leland Street earlier Saturday, Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Rita Reith said this morning. Hours later, about 11 p.m., firefighters responded to a fire at the one-story ranch home. As the fire raged, ammunition inside the home ignited, firing rounds at the firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze.
“They heard a lot of popping noises, especially when they first got there,” Reith said. “There was a shooting earlier in the day, so there was probably stuff still lying around.”

Reith said it’s common for ammunition inside a burning home to explode.

“We get about two or three a year,” she said. “It makes firefighting a lot more difficult when you’re dodging bullets.”

Reith said investigators didn’t know how much ammunition was in the home at the time of the fire.

No firefighters were hurt, and no one was home at the time of the blaze. The home was a total loss, with a value of about $40,000.

Authorities are investigating the possibility of arson, Reith said.

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when ammo burns the bullet stays and the caseing flys. I'm not saying that is safe it still isn't but it isn't as bad as people say. I have been in many houses with burining ammo and i have had caseings hit my helmet and me. AGAIN I'M NOT SAYING IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE
Glad to hear no one was hurt. Those type of fires with live ammo always leave an uneasy feeling in your stomach when you are on scene. We had one at a gun repair shop. They had several thousand rounds of ammo and stocked blackpowder. That one was pretty scarey. That was also a total loss. Sometimes you dont even know that there is ammo in the building until it start popping off. One thing that we need to be more awair of in our work, is ammo discharge, even tho it is relatively safe, but not always. And those coleman propane bottles that are used for camping lanterns and grills. Those can be a unforseen problem as well..
As H.R. stated in his post, there's not much danger from loose rounds cooking off. When a loaded firearm burns, however, it's a different story!

I'm more concerned about hair-spray cans. That nice little splash of flame from the "mini-BLEVE" can put stains in yer turnouts!

I have been on a couple like this. All you hear is the "pop, pop". Then during overhaul you find the casings. Not much danger in it but still pretty scary.
When the bullet is loose its weight restricts its movement when heat discharges it and casing will fly farther, being lighter. But, in rare occurences, if the casing end is backed up to a solid surface then the bullet flys. The law of physics, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, would be one sided when movement of one the objects is completely restricted. The bullet would tumble, not being spiraled from a gun barrel and might not penetrate but its weight would use another law of physics, E=MC squared and that would cause a mark(ouch). You are correct, not a safe environment to be in. TCSS
this is scray people dont care for use like we do for them we willing to die for them and the want to shoot at use or try to do other things
LOL!!! I didn't take it that way. That was kinda what I was thinking too. They are a little too obvious at times.
Almost every residential structure we make around here has this happening. What will make one soil the shorts, is when the person reloads his own ammunition and the 1lb cans of powder go poof.

First you say it, then you do it!
the post wasn't about people takeing a firearm and aiming it at us and pulling the trigger. this post was about rounds cooking off in a fire
yes them cans are bad news got watch out for that and stay alert those kind of people usaly keep reloading equip. close to wear there reloading machines and tools are. know your surrondings!
Yeah. It's just a scary thing to have happen. But none of the emergency personel were being shot at by anyone.
Oldman, that last sentence says it all man! Sometimes it happens simultaneously too!!!

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