As we all know our job can take toll on us, so I thought it would be fun to see what the funniest thing we've done on a call. I'll start it was early April in southwest WI got paged for grass fire. By the time I got to the station all the trucks were gone except for our 3000 gallon tanker. I rolled up on sence I got my assignment to follow this field road, as I was getting closer to our engine I got told to stop where I was. So sitting there in the truck waiting listening to the radio traffic. Then the next thing I hear is brush truck stuck, and then tanker 2 stuck. Next I was assigned to go back out to the road, the only way out was a water way in this field. As I proceded to the road I locked my rear set duals in, got half way up this water way and hit a soft spot and sunked my truck all the way to the axle. Radio the Chief told him what happened and dumped all 3000 gallons. There are picture of the days events, with all total up three of our and a DNR truck got stuck. I'll see if I can get ahold of those piture.

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same happened here, only it was a truckload of vodka
We had this double storey house fire, and afterwards to quinch my thirst I grabbed a beer from the fridge! I recon I earned it! and I once rocked up to work on my off-day! So damn committed!
On a tanker assist...after dropping our water when we were refilling, sitting along a busy roadway, a passing 18-wheeler was a piddle...i called it and one of the other fire fighters in the truck responded "I didn't know we were playing in a emergency response vechicle"...It was pretty funny...we continued to play the rest of the call
I guess my funniest memory was the time we were defensive on a heavily involved two-story frame house. I was alone on a handline in the rear. I noticed a lounge chair by the pool, so I settled into the lounge and aimed my stream along the roofline. Next thing I know I'm getting all kinds of poop from the guys because I'm sittin' down on the job. Hey! Couldn't have done any better standing up! Thank goodness there are no pictures!
A long time ago in a land far far away known as Colorado a young Infantry soilder stationed at Ft. Carson. Joined the local Vol. Dept. In Divide Colorado where he lived. One day the Dept was toned out for a house fire, the first for the new Vol. The house was up a mile lane through pines in winter. The fire was in the BC corner in a laundry room off the garage.
Two things happend on this fire. 1. The young soilder found out that unlike military radios. Cussing isn't normal on civilian radios. ( the young soilder when asking for a *@#^*@ Haligan bar, wondered why the Chief was having a siezure at his command
2. Being excited the this young Vol. got into the smoke filled garage with nozzle in hand he moved forward to slay the red dragon. Toward the back of the garage he moved through smoky haze. up ahead he could see a yellowish glow moving a bit back and forth..Fire the young Vol. Opened the nozzle and let loose with a stream of water. "What the *#^#*#!!" was what the young Vol. heard.
It's funny how much reflective stripeing on a bunker coat looks like fire in smoke.
I was first in on a LP tank explosion in a residential home (Amish house). Fire had burned out do to lack of air. All occupants were out. While searching for fire extension, I saw an orange glow ahead around the kitchen counter. I gave a few short bursts of water at the source, and nothing went out. As I approached the glow I felt embarrassed to find it was an orange battery operated candle that I was trying to extinguish. I haven't lived that one down yet.....
Took the roof off when the door was unlocked....he did have full coverage though....
Reading Hahn made me remember the time we had a working house fire in district (not many of those) and I had been qualified to drive our old 65 Hahn. I wondered why they took the 56 Mack, Yes this was back in the 70's, and left the Hahn. So me and my buddy jump up and go responding We even laid in and I go to put it in pump gear and it cuts big deal it happened alot. I go to start it....battery is dead...thats why they took the 56 instead of the 65. On top of that it blocked the ladder from getting into the scene..

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