best way to ask this is to set up the situation. you are first responding to assist ems with a possible cardiac arrest, possible harion (misspelling sorry) overdose.  the dispatch center does not advise to stage but advises police are enroute. would it be wrong for the oic to stage till police arrive?  whats your thoughts and what about your policy for possible illegal substance od's?

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Usually our dispatch will tell us to stage.....if not the oic calls and stages everyone til the scene is safe. They always have us stage unless the police are already there.
We always stage for any overdose. If Dispatch does not advise us to stage we ask them. Then we wait until the scene is declared safe.
Regardless of the dispatch the oic is in charge of the troops and if they deem it necessary to stage for scene safety then that is what is done. Staging can be for a multitude of reasons: waiting for LEO, Utilitiy company, Haz-Mat, or any other reason.

Our safety comes first.
I've never staged for an overdose that I can think of. My company usually runs multiple overdoses every tour. Heroin, PCP, and crack are the big ones here. The PCP ones are always fun until they start swinging at you.
CaoCity I prefer to chase em up and down the street with the narcan.
Well my dart skills are pretty good so I just throw it at them when I don't want to get close. However if it's a guy on PCP trying to swim in the middle of the street I usually just let them go for a bit.
Depends entirely on the call. More often than not our OD calls don't require staging for police.
Junkies tend to get a bit upset when you ruin there high like that. It can get fun in the back of a rig.

No staging on a ODs.
It is our policy to stage as would be the ambulance. Dispatch dosnt regulate or give us direction. They notify us of calls only. It is up to OUR policy and protocols to make the determination of when we respond and in what manner.
We never staged for ODs in PG County, either.

Now that I've moved away, I miss the "LoveBoat" freakouts. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Same as Bobby, we don't stage for accidental, but anything else we do.
The police should respond in most cases. I suppose it'd be best to come to an agreement with them that those scenes should always be secured first. Otherwise, ask when in doubt.

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