Spelling, punctuation, and proper sentence structure: Does anyone care anymore?

I know I am going to sound like an overzealous Language Arts teacher, but come on, is this how far we have sunk educationally?  The spelling is absolutely atrocious and it isn't even long or hard words that people can't spell.  Punctuation is all over the place, either entirely missing, or wrong.  And seriously, if this is how we write sentences today it is time to put your cell phone down and re-learn the English language.


I often wonder if this is how you write when you do reports.  I certainly hope not because if it is you will get shredded if those documents are ever called into court for evidence.


I also know most of you are going to say "what an asshole this guy is".  Sorry no, I just believe we need to try and project a positive image in the way we write, even if the message is negative.


Feel free to flame me, you won't be the first, and damn sure won't be the last.  By the way, I am in no means saying I am perfect in this area.  But I do strive to be.


Have a nice day!

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So the half-way-there-with-spelling-and-grammar people would be in a combi department?


If you had *read* Brian M.'s comment you probably would have seen this; "But I will admit, I still miss a few..."

He is at least aware that he makes the occasional mistake and makes the effort to minimize the number of misspellings and grammatical acrobats so often seen in here.  Making an attempt to spell and write correctly versus incapable or indifferent, huge difference.


:)  Sorry, just had to.

And now that I read the second page, I see Joshua beat me to it, although in a less lighthearted way.

I will also say, I hang out on several online forums.  One of them, the level of errors (both spelling and grammatical) is relatively low because of the makeup of the group.  Another site, which is outdoors-related, has a high percentage of school dropouts and stereotypical "rednecks".  Some of the posts there will make your eyes bleed.  You just have to learn to take it with a grain of salt and move on.

  I believe some of the problem comes from texting.  I took awhile to get onboard with the texting but now that I am I find it hard to read some of the text's I get.  I do the proper punctuation and spelling when I text, yes it sometimes takes me longer to text but you can read it and make sense of it.

  Some people say I go a little overboard but if you continue misspelling pretty soon you'll forget the correct way to spell and use punctuation.

 Hi Clay... I think part of it is or at least was started because of texting. I know some cel services limit the number of characters that can be in one message on cel phones, thereby pretty much forcing people to cut corners. U R right about that part. lol However, on these sites, where there is no limit (as shown by my many long ramblings)  maybe it comes down to being just lazy. I don't think this thread was targeting texting lingo so much as it is the just plain bad grammar and poor punctuation. Don could correct me if I am wrong, it was his thread, and I won't begin to TELL you what his intentions were, just what I THINK. Hell I don't even think people - for the most part give a rat's ass whether a word is spelled exactly correct or not, afterall, typing  errors are easy to make, especially on a mobile device like my Iphone. I tried to type on that thing this morning, and it was too difficult NOT to make spelling mistakes, so I just quit until I could get to a computer. lol I do believe you hit the nail on the head when you said "soon you'll forget the correct way to spell and use punctuation". If we just sit back and let it ride, and if nobody points these issues out, I am saddened at the implications. Our two countries are among the most intelligent in the world.. at least we should be given the amount of tax dollars going into the educations system. I can imagine some English/language teachers would be rolling over in their graves if they read some of the content online these days. As it was pointed out earlier, I too hope and pray that people don't write reports in the same fashion as they write some of these posts..SOME PEOPLE.. NOT ALL.. just some.. I must make that clear. Now, I will not even respond to the vollie vs career thing. Simply, some readers "get my drift" and others don't. That's ok too. Jack, thanks for your help clearing up my pathetic attempt to be perfect in delivering my messages without any seplling mistakes. Don, glad I could help lessen the ass-kicking you were expecting from people here lol  Once again, I will thank you for bringing this up..even though it might be as annoying as the Jr. and their lights posts.

Stay safe everyone, and don't breathe any amount of smoke. You never know what will get you until it's too late.

I agree, that is a perfect example.  I too was not "Text Savvy" until recently, and I also spell out every word.  I have long texts, and my wife is pissed because I use up the texting allowance in the first week!! lol

Texting and IM'ing have ruined our ability to spell properly, OMG, WTF?  TTYSDG? U2?...lol

I shudder (is that a correct word) to think that in the future the main means of communications could be via texting! Especially trying to evacuate your firefighters by text! lol  "Command to interior sector:  GTFO! I repeat GTF"...oops too many characters..message too long!  OR by radio " CTIS....CTIS...GTFO  I R.. GTFO" hahahaha!  OMG (seriously) I hope it never comes to that! 

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