yes i know training is important and neccessary. so dont take what im about to say out of context. but NIMS training is MIND NUMBING. thats all :)

stay safe \

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I am aware of what is online. The 300/400 instructors in our area get paid $100/hr when they travel outside of their normal area. This is paid by the feds. Your guys are probably being paid locally and the agency that pays them is making a bundle.
wish me luck,going to try to make it through 700 right now.
im sorry randy, but hey it will be over
We don't get grant funding for the NIMS classes. We have a no-cost handoff deal with FEMA where they supply the materials and we teach it at our standard instructor rates.

If someone is making a bundle on NIMS training, someone is gaming the system.
never had as a volly or paid : ) had the chance to take it but dident

How is learning the national standard incident management method a waste of taxpayers money?

The #1 lifesaving skill set is not how to drag hose, ventilate, or search a burning building.
The #1 lifesaving skill set is learning how to manage the incident so that adequate manpower is present, the division of labor is functional, and all incident support issues are addressed.
Those may not be as exciting as dragging a line down a smokey hallway or venting a roof, but they're at least as important.

If you haven't learned something that can save a firefighter's life in a NIMS class, was it really the class's fault?
The use of standardized Plain English is part of NIMS. The NIMS intent is to get local agencies to stop using codes and non-standard phrasing.

On a big federal-type response, you have to do it the feds' way, or you don't get to participate.
i have not done the nims training yet. but i plan to.. i was told it is the most boring things you will ever do
To say the least.
Oh im sure I will get some crap for this one but Jake, you can get all the answers for all the NIMS tests online!!!
Boring and stupid
Sorry my thought I go on ine take these tests then print off my own cert and do what give them to my chief...
Now he goes and puts them in my file.
does not tell what kind of fireman I am just that I can take test on the puter...
Less money on puter tests and more on real training
wow did not expect to get the amount of responses that i have. but this is great. now to clarify i dont think its a waste of time or anything like that just feel like my mind is turning to goo while doing it. sooo boring but yes it can and will be helpful im sure. i just wish it did not act as a sleep aide.

stay safe

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