I am in the promotional process for Battalion Chief and I am in need of collecting information.   What I am looking for is the name of any FD (and contact person if possible) that does a shift change one hour or so earlier for Battalion Chiefs than the rest of the OPS folks.


The main reason for doing this would be to get the momentum of the dept. rolling in the right direction before "the shift starts".


I know most places that have a 0800 shift change time actually have guys show up at 0700 (or earlier/later) - That is NOT part of the project I am working on..... but agree with 100%  ;-)


Thank you so very much for any info you can provide me - more than willing to share the info after I am done with anyone who wants the info collected. 


When I contact the FD that does what I describe above, I have plenty of other questions :-)


Stay safe, stay low, go home together!



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The Durham Fire Department in NC has done this for years. I am not sure who you should call to talk about it. I'll try and get you a name and number.
AWESOME. . Thank you ;-)
I’m with a suburban Atlanta, Georgia FD which operates four stations, and our department has shift change at 08:00. A few months ago we instituted an earlier shift change for the B/C’s of 07:30. This allows time to get a turnover and send out a vehicle staffing report to all the stations, before everyone is in. It also allows us time to arrange Part-Time coverage if needed as we are staffed with 19 Full-time on a shift, and maintain that 19 as the minimum staffing. We utilize eight Part-time personnel per shift as well that are used for fill-in coverage, both pre-arranged and for late call-in’s.
The shift before, we send out a proposed vehicle staffing report which includes whom is scheduled to be on what apparatus, the status of apparatus, hospital diversion status’s, whether or not it’s a “burn day”, and whom the on-call senior officer and investigator are and whom is off, and for what reasons. My Station officers give me in advance whom they have scheduled on what pieces of equipment for each 19-day duty cycle.
This earlier arrival also helps in getting apparatus in to our shops in a timely manner. Overall, while I wasn’t fond of the earlier arrival time for myself, it has had some benefits, although many of these things like getting last minute coverage from our PT staff I had been doing for years via my cell phone anyway.
If you have any questions you can contact me at ptc813@aol.com
Jeff Koldoff
Peachtree City Fire Department
Thank you so much for your repy - No other questions as you gave me the info I need to include in my project.

thanks again,
Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue (South Carolina) shift change is at 08:00 and the Battalion Chief shift change is at 06:30.
Mansfield City, Ohio

Shift change for the BC/Asst Chief is at 6:30am and the Captain working at our main station too.

Firefighter shift change is 7am

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