Finally!!! I think I have broke through the opposition of seat belt usage wile responding. At tonight's weekly drill night I showed the video from Denver Fire on how to pack up and buckle up and then made the guys practice the technique in numerous seating arrangements, from the officers seat to the jump seat on an open cab. I could see the disappointment on the faces of those who have repeatedly stated that you cant do it effectively. I believe that I now have the support of the majority and they will now help me police the issue.
Is there anybody that has an SOG on seat belt use? I would like to have one in place but I am a little unsure of how to put it on paper. I am looking to make an addendum to our SOG's until they get updated.

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Our safety SOG has a single line that states, it is mandatory that seat belts will be worn by all members of the fire department whenever we are riding in a department vehicle. (no exceptions)

Pretty simple wording. The policing of the policy is the hard part.

Congrats on the breakthrough...
Good luck with your program, It was a up hill battle at first in my station but now everyone uses seatbelts. We utilized many different programs and the Ohio Highway Patrol. It is the law in Ohio that you wear seatbelts and he did make that point when giving his overview of his program. Once you get everyone in the mood that the truck does not move until your belted you will win this battle.
In my dept we have pretty much accepted that wearing seatbelts is just good practise. However it did take some time and effort to change previous attitudes about seatbelt use. I still don't believe guys use the argument that they have to be able to put their SCBA on while in route. It is just laziness, because if you can't put your BA on when you get on scene quickly enough you need to practise to get faster; not cheat and put it on in the cab when you should be belted in. We do ourselves if we get hurt while responding to the call.

Be safe,

Eric I'm still gonna tea bag you and i'm getting jeff to do it 2.
This was a great training. I thought I would be tangled up getting on my SCBA while my sealt belt was on but guess what ? I didn't. The video was very good on explaining how it is done without taking the sealt belt off. It was a little hard in the back with bigger guys next to me but it all worked out. Thanks Asst 29 for the great training.
I am not sure if we have an SOG for seatbelts I just know its mandatory and they stress it alot during any of our trainings.
Seat belt use is manditory no exceptions, what is holding you back!
You can do it effectively... saying you can't is a cop out, plain and simple.
SOG or not, it's the law. Good luck with insurance if you're injured and not taking all precautions possible to limit your injuries. Do it for your family.
suck up you. LMAO!
standard practice in nz is to wear our belts its a give in
We have the 1 liner also: If the vehicle is in motion your belt is on. We did add that it wasn't required if you just hooked the hydrant because you know how guys start to pick at new rules. It only takes 15 seconds to put your pack on when you get on scene if you can't do it when you have your belt on anyway. If you can't do it with your belt on, practice getting it on faster while getting out just like probie school.

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