has anyone gotten that hinky feeling inside the mask i'am having a hard time after about 10 mins into donning the mask,we have older type mask and i just get all hinky and have to rip it off yes i know prob a big bottle of xnanx befor putting on but i just wanted to see if anyone else has experience this problem and how did u overcome it if at all thanx brothers

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Kevin, we have had many people experience this and how we deal with it is to have them come into the station on a non-emergency time and put the SCBA on and either sit and watch tv or just do mundane things in the station at short intervals. Basically working through the feelings. After 30 years however, I dont know why but occasionally I have had that feeling and I have just worked through it or simply tried to ignore it. So I can definitely assure you you are not alone. It happens! Just have to work at becoming familiar with your equipment and the process of wearing a SCBA. Just give yourself some time outside of drill or a emergency setting. Good luck Bro.
thanks chief i will try those things you suggest
With there....anyone that says they have never ....well, they will at some point....I agree with the tactic od wearing it doing mundane tasks .....watching tv is good....I wore mine while walking on a treadmill.....lol....I also try if it happens to talk to someone...even if they can't hear me....it gives my mind something to focus on...when the situation gets to the point that we can't see...due to smoke and or darkness then I simply close my eyes and continue in my purpose......you will get through it....you are not alone.......Paul
I have felt it as well and like Paul pressed on and over came it. Also I trained a young lady who had a great deal of difficulty with this. I advised her to spend any free time she had in the station wearing the unit. It took a while but she became familiar and eventually comfortable in SCBA.
Other than the good advice you have gotten here, I've found that chewing cum while in the mask helped me when I first started years ago. It is a trick that I have passed on to others and they have had success with it.
The down side is you will be known as the one who carries gum with him/her as it helps with the cotton mouth scba use can cause.
Just be careful you don't swallow it when you say OH CHIT LOL
Never thought to use gum but I like it. Thanks for the idea!
One of our members took a mask home and wore it around the house for hours on end and for several days until the new (hinky) wore off.
I'll be honest i have had this problem basically you need to overcome the feeling tell yourself to relax. put on your mask just to get used to it work your way up in time of donning it. start doing basic tasks while wearing it and work your way up. Think about what your doing and not that feeling. I did some training this weekend involving a maze. I started to have this issue stopped thought about what I was doing and pushed forward. i hope this helps you out and good luck.
I have gotten a bit turned around once or twice and when the "where am I?" feeling starts then I think it's kind of natural to have the claustrophobic feeling kick in. At this point I find it best to control your breathing until you calm down again. The trick that I use was one that I learned in the Military and it's nothing more than singing cadence.
This seems to calm my breathing and to get me into a mental rhythm that calms me. I also think that I can go longer on a bottle when I'm singing cadence than when I'm not. I do like the gum idea and think that I'll pop a stick next time and see how it works.
Have you ever blown a bubble inside the mask by accident? Sometimes people just automatically blow bubbles while chewing gum without even thinking about it. Just a funny picture that came to mind, that's all.
the gum..always have gum. one time years ago i had not turned my bottle all the way on, well, there was plenty of air for walking around, but once i started hauling hose to the second floor and breathing hard i sucked rubber. freaked me out. i quickly figured out what the prob was and have NEVER had that one again. haha

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