This isn't my fire company, its a friends fire company, yeah, a friends fire company (in my Jon Lovitz voice). They run say a Squrt and a rescue/engine. They are hit out for an engine assist and SOP say take the Rescue/engine. But they only have a driver for the Squrt. 

Question to the church; Take the Squrt or scratch? 

This post in no way reflects to views and opinions of my fire department or any other member. Not that I'm writing about my department. 

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Quite simply, it should be a scratch, the dept can not meet the needs requested.

Now, because I'm not the sort to just leave it at that, the question would be as to why a driver is only qualified for the Squirt? To me, that seems pretty stupid to have personnel to only drive a certain piece of equipment and not others. I can understand particular preference, but to say they are "only" qualified for this piece of equipment to me, is questionable. I can understand if it was the other way around......request for aerial or squirt...and not a pumper, but most often the driver qualification tends to be engine first.

The other part is to question as to why nobody else was able to drive the engine? To me this would be a huge red flag regarding even responses within district.If things are so limited as to have apparatus specific qualified persons, then you are setting up for failure if you can't have personnel qualified to do a multitude of roles.

Going back to the original question, again it is a scratch because foremost the needs of the district comes first. No reason to leave the home district uncovered so you can help out the neighboring dept, tis just the nature of the beast in the fire service today. Also if the dept can't meet the requirements to roll out, be it apparatus, personnel or what have you, the prudent choice will be to not respond. A dept simply has to say they can't fill the needs, and the next dept on the list thus gets called. Pretty simple from my POV and how we do business here.

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