Ok..... I am buying a MOTOROLA HT1000 VHF 16 channel and all that jazz...... Are the PL tones and the PL codes the same thing?????? And are the PL's what enable you to talk on the radio???? Please answer ASAP....The bid is almost closed and I'm the highest bidder by a good sum.....thanks

J Cooper

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I seriously hope someone from this dept is on here to hear what he wants to do. You needed to be sat down and told what to do i.e. wash the big red shiny truck with lights... Cause I would be scared with you on a call, trying to play hero, doing things u arent trained for... Thats how people DIE! Wouldnt put it past ya the day if eer u become FF1 that you would start an arson to be the hero of the day! Grow up and grow a set of balls...
Well Jacob...you asked for it....I have to admit it...you asked for it....If you have any training at all you should know better than to try and buy a radio.....it is actually against the law to even have one without authorization from a "Chief" whether you talk on it or not doesn't matter and I find it very hard to believe that an "Officer" told you that a Jr. could get one.....It still doesn't make any sense at all ...You are NOT trained and cannot respond to an emergency.....Don't become a "whacker"...slow down and think before you act.....I am sure that you mean well but you haven't come across here as that.....Paul PS...if you cannot take criticism then stay out of the sandbox...you asked for it by submitting this post....now grown up and either take it like a man or apologize.....if you cannot then you have no future in the Fire Service either Vollie or Career.....
Thanks for all of the imput....I'm not getting the radio..... I'm just gonna get a uniden scanner... : ). Besides....I lost the bet anyhow....
Let's be mature here.... I misunderstood the officer....he said that I could have a portable scanner...not a portable radio... I'm sorry I made this error...
Ok.....Thanks....Ill just use my cell... Besides...I've already bought a scanner....

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