I am experiencing a problem with a recently terminated member of my VFD. When he joined he showed up for new member orientation recieved a pager and a key and that was the last time we saw him. We tried to contact him several times before we terminated him but he would not return our phone calls. So here is the problem he will not return our calls but he talked to another member that he is friends with and told this other kid to let us know that he lost his pager. Now this was a brand new in the box Minitor 5 that was issued to him. I have seen different prices for these so I am not sure how much one of these runs brand new but I would imagine it is around $400 or so. My question to you is should we charge him for the lost equipment? What can we do if he refuses to pay for it? has anyone had a similar situation?

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The recorse is most likely going to be determined on how you issued the equipment out. Our VFD itemizes all equipment issued to any member and the member signs it which also has an acknowledgement of recipte stating that they are financially responsible, and must return it within 10 days or a warrent could be issued. Most likely he didnt loose it, just dont want to give it back. If that is the case I would worry more about the key he has, since he is obviously disshonest. We are currently installing keyless entry on all of our access points to avoid having to re-key the doors everytime we have that problem.... Know this tho that isnt the worse thing a terminated VFF can cause. We have one right now who is threatning law suits.... He dont have anything to do so with but man is it a pain in the rear.
First off. Document the termination and then have the police department pay a visit to his residence requesting the town property be returned immediately.

I would be more concerned with the key as compared to the pager. You might show up one night missing a truck or equipment...

Lesson learned here.... As my friend Micael Schlags said documentation and a in-process can go a long way.

My opinion is this.... a new kid without any training doesn't need ANYTHING. What he needs to show up and train for a while before he earns a KEY and any investment to include PPE or a crappy old pager.
Just to follow up we had our officers meeting and we will be sending a certified letter to him through our city attorney and then go from there. I did bring up the issue of the key and asked if it were possible to go to a keyless entry system instead of changing locks everytime we lose a key. The chief was receptive to the idea and is going to get quotes. the member did sign a form that lists out every piece of equipment he was issued including the model and serial # of the pager and it does say that all issued equipment must be turned back in upon leaving the department and he signed it so hopefully he just gives it back before we have to go anyfurther.

We usually dont issue new stuff to the new guys. I remember when I first joined I had the crapiest turnout gear they had. But since then we have been fortunate enough to have been awarded an AFG grant to buy us new PPE and pagers and I thought since we had a brand new pager that was never issued I would let him have it, he actually seemed like a good kid when he joined. But I am going to take the advice I was given on here and its back to the old stuff for anyone that joins until they are off probation from now on. I thank all who replied you gave me alot of info to work with and I do appreciate it.
Yes, One thing you can do, is send a registered letter to him that he has to sign for, in the letter explain that if you do not receive a responce with in 15 days you will turn the case over to the local law enforcement agency and seek criminal charges. or turn the case over to an attorney which ever you decide is more relivent. If equipment is issued to a member and not returned it is theft... check with your local law enforcement agency.

Also, We have started a Rookie program, new applicants receive a shirt that allows them to report to the station and scenes but with limited access. after 3 months of active service mainly meetings and special events we will issue a pager and enroll them is school, after completing school we will provide keys uniforms etc.

This has reduced the problems with glory seekers to zero

Be Safe!
I agree with everybody else. If he fails to give the property back he needs to pay for it and a police report needs to be filed.
id say your pager is gone forever forget about it i would deffinatly take the money you would have spent on those locks and keys and purchase a key pad lock and when a member enters the department have there own code such as the last 4 of there social these locks will also record time when they enter there code and therefore reduce the number of (PLAYFULL) visits and will show u things like first at the station and whos doing after hours work up there
I think your best bet is to get your local PD involved here,this I think after all is theft,As far as the key goes.Now you have a different problem on your hands,Easy solution get the locks changed,Do you know the character of this individual?would he do something detrimental to your Dept's quarters.If you have ansured I don't know to any of these questions,then its well worth the time to get the Local PD involved.
Can you contact your city attorney ? we have had issues like that in the past and we have gone to the persons residence and asked for the equipment . When it still was not returned we went through our city att and he drafted a letter. The equipment was returned succesfully.
All our members sign for all the equipment we issue them and it go's in their personnel file.It's explained to them at the start, that if they fail to turn in any or all their equipment when asked for,law enforcement will be notify and they will be taken to small claims court.This has worked out well for our department.Pagers aren't cheap and the other equipment isn't either.We use a touch key pad and change the code when need be.
im assuming your deparment is overseen by a municipality or county or in any case your department and its belongings are state supported. its either your state police local agency or county sheriff's obligation to retrive that property. but you will most likly be forced to file charges againts that person. so yeah i,ve been there. and with the key you will most likly be forced to change your locks per the police or your board. and give him notice of tresspass. but overall this is the quickest way to resolve the problem
Capt, talk to your local PD or Sheriff Department. We have run into this in the past and thats exactly how we handled it. Your right those pagers are closer to 500. We have started not issuing a pager and the like unill they have shown up to 3 calls after joining. We also get a deposit on the pager.
turn it over to p.d. or s.o.... also if you have a county or city attorney they might be able to help .. if you have to take hem to court any judge in the country would make hem pay any cost to you .. you might go to the d.a. im sure one of them can help you...

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